International Pronouns Day Getting it Right

Wednesday 19 October is International Pronouns Day  

As part of our LJMU Equality team’s 'Getting it Right' campaign, here they explain why pronouns are important, and their five top tips when it comes to using them. 

Why are pronouns important? 

Being referred to by the wrong pronouns often affects transgender and gender non-conforming people within our community. THE LGBT Foundation also explains that “language can be really powerful in helping to affirm your identity, feel confident and share your authentic self with others.” 


Pronouns which are often associated with men are “He” and “Him” 

Pronouns which are often associated with women are “She” and “Her” 

Gender neutral pronouns include “They”,”Them”, “Per”, “Zie” and “Fey” 

Top Tips when it comes to pronouns: 


When you introduce yourself, include your pronoun. This can remind people that it may not always be obvious which pronoun someone uses. 


Add your pronouns in your email signature, social media profiles and Zoom/MS Teams account names. 


Try to avoid addressing groups or people with gendered language (e.g. instead of using ‘ladies and gentleman’, use the word ‘everyone’ to address a group). 

Made a mistake 

If you accidentally misgender someone (use the wrong pronoun), just apologise and make sure you use their correct pronoun from that point on. 


If you are not sure what someone’s pronouns are, ask them. 


As part of International Pronouns Day, LJMU and JMSU will also be handing out pronoun badges around campus today, Wednesday 19 October, so don't forget to pick yours up! 


If you have any questions, get in touch with the LJMU Equality team:  


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