Staff Qualifications and Health and Safety policy updates

The Collaborative Staff Qualifications Policy has received minor amendments.

The policy has been amended to expand the criteria for appointment, to include verification of teaching qualifications and/or teaching experience, in line with the Office for Student’s Condition of Registration B2; and to include the requirement for verification of the equivalence, in terms of level of the FHEQ, of international qualifications held by collaborative staff.

The following Health and Safety policies have also received minor amendments:

  • (MCP 1) Organisation for the Implementation of the Health and Safety Policy
  • (SCP 16) Ionising Radiation
  • (SCP 19) Permits for Contractors
  • (SCP 29) Asbestos (Policy and Management Plan)
  • (SCP 46) Drones

Policies can be accessed via the LJMU Policy Centre and staff can use the search function, using the name of the policy, to access the relevant document.

If you have any issues accessing the policies, please do not hesitate to email the policies inbox for further support.


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