Apprenticeships and Student Governance policy updates

The new Apprenticeships Policy has received Academic Board approval.

This policy is aimed to remove risk to LJMU of non-compliance with the requirements of the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) who are the funding body for Apprenticeships, whilst maintaining the rigour by which LJMU adheres to the Office for Students (OfS) Conditions of Registration.

The following Student Governance policies, guidance and pro forma have recently been reviewed, and have received minor amendments:

  • Academic Misconduct Panel (AMP) Protocol
  • Student Complaints Procedure for Academic Partnerships
  • Academic Misconduct Panel (AMP) Protocol (for when an in-person hearing is impractical)
  • Fitness to Practise Policy
  • Fitness to Study and Engage in the Student Experience Policy
  • Student Code of Behaviour and Student Disciplinary Procedures
  • Student Complaints Procedure
  • Applicant and Student Criminal Convictions Policy
  • Fitness to Practise Guidance Notes
  • Protocol for Investigating Officers
  • Definition of a Friend and Representative in Student Governance Procedures
  • Notification of Alleged Academic Misconduct
  • Academic Misconduct Panel Report
  • Appeals Information and Guidance for Students and Staff
  • Reasonable Adjustments in Student Governance Procedures
  • Academic Misconduct Panel Presenting Officers Statement
  • Student Attendance Policy: Appeals 2022/23
  • Guidance - Academic Misconduct (Viva) Membership and Terms of Reference
  • Guidance - Academic Misconduct (Viva) Protocol
  • Student Appeal Against Exclusion or Expulsion Procedure

Policies can be accessed via the LJMU Policy Centre and staff can use the search function, using the name of the policy, to access the relevant document.

If you have any issues accessing the policies, please do not hesitate to email the policies inbox for further support.


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