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Discovery Internship opportunity for second and final year students 

LJMU is offering our second and final year students (Levels 5 & 6) the opportunity to undertake a paid 'Discovery Internship' with a local organisation, working on a suitable project or piece of work that will enhance your employability skills and career insight. You are paid a living wage for the internship, which can be completed alongside your studies.  The internships are open for applications now.

Discovery Internships are sourced by the LJMU Student Futures team and will be advertised via Unitemps, LJMU’s own recruitment agency. These 105-hour, paid internships (including 1 hour training) will be with a local organisation working on a real-life project that you can really get stuck into. 

Why apply for a discovery internship?

Discovery Internships are an opportunity for you to:

  • Test out your career ideas 
  • Gain invaluable workplace skills and experience
  • Have examples to draw on and evidence on application forms and interviews for future roles
  • Discover if this is the type of job/role you want to pursue after graduation
  • Show your commitment and enthusiasm 
  • Earning some spending money

If you do not know what direction you want to take in future, or you cannot find your perfect internship opportunity, any work experience on your CV is of huge benefit. Whatever role you try, you’ll learn more about yourself and working life. 

You'll also gain skills in the process. It may even lead to more suitable experience with the same company or it could be good preparation for another opportunity that’s closer to what you want to do. 

What are the internships available and how to apply?

To see what opportunities are currently available, go to the LJMU branch of Unitemps and use the search term ‘Discovery Internship’ or click here.  

Please note: if you intend to apply for a Discovery Internship, you must be registered with LJMU's Unitemps branch.

The internships open for applications on Monday 21 November 2022 and will close on Sunday 4 December.  

Interviews will take place from mid-January 2023 with anticipated start dates in early February 2023 (this may vary depending on the role). 


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