LJMU lecturer addresses Scottish Parliament

An LJMU lecturer gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament this week on the importance of intergovernmental relations in light of Brexit and COVID-19.

Dr Paul Anderson, from International Relations and Politics, spoke to the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee.

The session looked at new reforms to mechanisms to improve the working partnership between the UK and devolved governments and particularly at lessons that can be learned from other countries.  

Paul gave evidence on the increasing importance of intergovernmental relations in the context of the challenges posed by the UK leaving the European Union and the impact of the pandemic.

He explained that, while new structures are a welcome development, they need to be accompanied by changes in political culture.

Paul said: “Institutions, structures and processes matter but so, too, does willingness to want to make them work.”

You can read more from Paul on intergovernmental reforms here.


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