Preparing for Student Induction

Bethan Reid from the Learning Technology @ LJMU blog writes about using Canvas and preparing for Induction

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For new students, university is an unfamiliar environment and many will not fully understand what it means to be a University student.  The purpose of induction is to help new students make a successful transition into undergraduate or postgraduate study.  Effective, early induction is important to ensure that students are supported in University.  Induction in the first week should be seen as part of a longer term process that lasts well into the first semester and beyond. 

To support staff in preparing for student induction this 2022/23 guidance is available.

As in previous years, Canvas induction sites are available to support induction activities. So that teams can develop sites that meet their specific needs, induction courses are not pre-populated with any content. They are unpublished, meaning that students will not have access to sites if teams opt not to use them. Induction modules will display using the following naming convention: Induction (2022-23) <Programme name>.  You will need to add yourself to any relevant induction site using the My Canvas Admin tool.  This is located in your Account area. Search for site by programme code, taking the above naming convention into account when adding the course.

More information about Canvas Induction sites is also available.


This is a Guest Blog by Bethan Reid, from the Learning Technology @ LJMU blog: Using Technology to Support Learning


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