MA Fine Art Show opens August 19

Graduate students invite the public to enter their personal and intellectual worlds for a three-week exhibition starting on Friday, August 19.

The Liverpool School of Art and Design presents Pluriverse - a selection of work from the MA Fine Art and MA Art in Science class of 2022 - including Stephanie Kimishi (above).

In recent years notions of time and space have become further warped than ever before through digital technology and rapidly proliferating global crises, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artists express their ideas of 'the new normal' through the prism of the Pluriverse, understood by Walter D. Mignolo, as ‘a world in which many worlds co-exist’. Acting as both a series of individual exhibitions and a broader group exhibition within Liverpool School of Art and Design, Pluriverse presents a shared reality consisting of a plurality of individuals, each with their own unique states of being and understanding of the wider world.

Commonalities and vast differences in both approaches and content interact with one another to form a dynamic, and at times (compellingly) unstable, whole.    

"The class of 2022 invites visitors to spend time in their worlds, and the articulation of the MA programmes that they have created during their studies," said Head of Fine Art James Schofield. 
The exhibition runs from 19 August to 8 September, Monday – Friday, 11:00am – 5:00pm.   Preview 19 August, 6:00 – 8:00pm.   

Mary Hennessy Jones, for exmple, works with light, shadows, performance and projection (below) and says: "My final work is exploring how we are revealed, presented and concealed from ourselves and others."

Mary Hennessy Jones 0049


Meanwhile, Jioni Warner’s practise discusses the Black British Caribbean experience. This is referenced in her use of layering that consider the multiple layers of culture that goes into being Black, British, and Caribbean . In doing so Warner is going through a self-fuelled enquiry by examining her ancestry through embodying heritage, but also exploring nostalgia by highlighting elements of the British Caribbean experience through a range of media.

Jioni Warner Queen 1

Other artists include:

Oak McLaughlin Barnett  
Stephanie Carr  
Joshua Cook  
Leanne Glass    
Elena Platt  
Vincent Quirk  
Simone Schofield  
Connie Watkins  







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