LJMU leading news agenda on gang crime in Liverpool

School of Justice colleagues Dr Robert Hesketh, an expert on gang crime, and former detectives Richard Carr and Peter Williams, have been inundated with requests for commentary on the unfolding events and have gained coverage internationally.

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Coverage Summary GangsAs interest in recent gang activity in Liverpool continues LJMU's academics have achieved significant levels of coverage with their expertise across news websites, print and radio.  Gathering almost 200 mentions in articles and interviews, here in the UK and abroad, the potential maximum audience across all of the associated outlets is almost 900 million people.

Below we feature some of the most high profile pieces of coverage which have been generated by Dr Robert Hesketh, Richard Carr and Peter Williams during the month of August.



Liverpool shooting: ‘Life-changing' cash reward could catch Olivia Pratt-Korbel killers, says ex-police chief

Outlet: I
By Steve Robson A “life-changing” cash reward could provide the breakthrough for police trying to catch the killer of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Ko...


‘It's the adrenaline': how gangs lure Liverpool's marginalised young people

Outlet: The Guardian
After three gun deaths in a week, expert on gangs in city says youngsters are driven by excitement “I t's sad to think that these are young people we're talking about. A littered w...


Liverpool's gang bosses flee to their foreign villas as police crack down on organised crime after the city was shattered by the murder of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel

Outlet: Mail On Sunday
Liverpool crime bosses have been fleeing to their foreign villas as the code of sile...


Times Radio

Outlet: Times Radio
can't deal with cope with and these organised crime groups are almost rolling the place that's, like, that's not the case at all. Peter Williams Thank you very much for joining us. Peter Williams…


Who are Liverpool's feuding gangs?

Outlet: Sky News
Experts tell Sky News that, as a port, Liverpool has been a historic hotspot for trafficking drugs and weapons, and as with most cities, for decades, high levels of poverty and deprivation have seen people turn to crime th...


Rob Hesketh comments on guncrime

Outlet: BBC Merseyside
In the space of a week on Merseyside. So why this recent upsurge in gun crime, after a period of relative success in the fight against it, BBC Radio Merseyside's Sean stars spoken to Dr Robert Hesketh is fr …


BBC Radio 4

BBC News at 9 o'clock. The family of 9 year old Olivier Pratt score, Bell said. She broke the mould when she was born as they appealed for people with information About her death to come forward. Merseyside …


Rob Hesketh comments on gun crime

Outlet: The Times
From the clashes between organised crime families in the 1990s to the murder of Rhys Jones in 2007 and now the fatal shooting of Olivia Pratt- Korbel, Liverpool has long been associated with gun crime. At the heart of th...


Illegal weapons are being sold online in Britain for as little as 49p: Amazon and eBay face demands to tighten controls as swords and knives are freely available from third-party sellers

Outlet: Mail On Sunday
Illegal weapons are being sold on online stores including Amazon and e...


Refers to Rob Hesketh's research on why people join gangs

Outlet: The Liv Post
Levelling Up secretary Greg Clark announces the inevitable – plus the rest of your weekly briefing Dear readers — last week the inevitable happened. Whitehall ramped up its control over Liverpool Ci...



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