Five ways an Academic Achievement Writing Cafe can help your studies

The Academic Achievement team at LJMU has a wealth of resources, classes, and support to help students achieve success in their studies. One of the team’s unique offerings is the weekly Writing Cafés which are open to all students.

So, for a university that has three libraries why should you go to the Writing Café and what can be gained from attending?

Our third-year journalism student, Ryan Everett, went along to an Academic Achievement Writing Café, which are held most Wednesdays throughout term time.

Here's five things he learnt from a Writing Café

They provide the perfect conditions for academic success.

The drop in sessions provide a really good atmosphere for any student to sit down and get on with an assignment. There are lots of students there to make you feel motivated and focussed to get on with your work.

The team is there to offer practical help and techniques

As well as offering a good atmosphere to focus in, the Academic Achievement team is also on hand to help with any problems you may be facing in your academic studies. They can help with planning, paragraph structure, critical analysis and how to present a literature review/your methodology. 

A great tip from the team was to use subheadings for any messy notes, as it makes them clearer, more organised and really helps when finding information for an assignment.

It’s a drop in session

Unlike a lecture, seminar or webinar, the Writing Cafés are completely optional meaning when you sign up,  you can come and go, as you please, throughout the session. So, if you need some fresh air or have finished for the day, you can leave when you like.


Who doesn’t love a freebie? The sessions provide free tea, coffee, and biscuits to keep your energy up and stay motivated. You can also get your hands on a copy of the Academic Achievement Writing Tips – a little study book with tips and tricks to help you when you study.

It’s a proven success

From talking to other students at the Writing Café, they have seen their own marks get better since attending. The Writing Cafés now have many students who attend regularly, in order to get stuck in to their assignments and get help and advice when they need it.


How to sign up to a Writing Café

The Writing Cafés take place most weeks during term time, Wednesdays, 1-4pm in the Student Life Building. You can find out more information or register for a Writing Café here.

The Academic Achievement also has lots of self study resources on their webpages.



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