200 years of 'meeting needs not conventions'

Socially Engaged Institution 

LJMU has released its final film of the Bicentenary year, which celebrates 200 years of being a socially engaged institution.  

The film titled ‘200 years of meeting needs not conventions’ highlights that “the best universities don’t just teach, they learn, helping where they can and changing where they can’t.” 

The film spotlights significant moments in LJMU’s 200-year history where we’ve met the needs of society and the times, including: 

  • In the 1860s, when the Liverpool School of Nursing were working on cures for cholera and typhoid 
  • Creating the first radar training centre in World War II 
  • Today, providing free legal advice to those struggling in the city and helping refugee nurses train, so they can work within the NHS

The film also acknowledges that above meeting needs, LJMU plans to continue learning, for the next 200 years to come.

LJMU’s Bicentenary 

The film, made by Mocha, a Liverpool-based company founded and run by LJMU alumni, is the sixth and final film of LJMU’s Bicentenary year. You can watch all six Bicentenary films on the LJMU YouTube Channel.

As 2023 draws to a close over the coming weeks you can still view our dedicated 200 webpages including the 200 people we’ve profiled from our past and present, who are shaping and changing the future.


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