Top tips and advice on how to save energy and money

Our Money Advice team answers some frequently asked questions from our students, including how to reduce bills, how to stop condensation and what is the fair usage cap?  

How can I be energy efficient and reduce my bills?  

  • Understand how much appliances cost. The amount it costs to run appliances depends on the rating (watts), the price you are charged per unit of energy (your energy tariff), and how long the appliance is running. 

  •  It’s best to not leave appliances on stand by as items that are plugged in can still draw electricity.  

  • Consider sharing cooking and washing with housemates, and do your washing at a low temperature.  

How can I reduce the damp and condensation in my house/accommodation? 

  • It’s best to learn how to use timers and thermostats as a cold home increases condensation, and there can be black damp spores as a result.  

  • Dry washing on radiators is not recommended, use clothes maidens/radiator racks instead.  

  • Remember to close the kitchen door and open the windows to ventilate the room while cooking.  

LJMU is a member of National Energy Action, and they have plenty of other tips and advice on their website.   

What is a fair usage cap?  

A fair usage cap is the amount of Gas, Electricity, Water and often Broadband that can be used before a student becomes liable for excess charges. Some agreements may just be gas and electricity while others may include water. No two agreements are the same, so it is best to check.  

How can you find out if you have a fair usage cap? 

Most private tenancy agreements have a fair usage cap. You might read 'all bills included' however there could be pages to read and sometimes in the small print there will be either an amount, for example £700 per the term of the agreement, or £2100 for 3 persons. It depends on the landlord. They can also put it in as KHW which is so confusing and unlikely that students know this. This stands for kilowatt hour, a measure of how much energy you use. We recommend students take a look at student tenant information here.  

Need more advice or support when it comes to energy? 

The Money Advice team offers an Energy Clinic Drop-in for advice on matters such as energy efficiency, reducing bills, and reducing damp and condensation. You can also bring your bills with you if you need further explanation on the breakdown of your bills. 

Come meet the Money Advice Team at the next Energy Clinic Drop-in on Wednesday 6 December 2023, 2 to 4pm, at the Avril Robarts Library in meeting room 1 on the Ground floor.  

Or visit the Money Advice team webpages for further information and contact details.  

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