How to save energy and money

Managing your finances can arguably be one of the hardest parts of being a student not to mention the cost of living crisis now putting even more people under financial strain. 

At LJMU, the Cost of Living Hub outlines all the ways which LJMU are helping our students. 

Our Money Advice Team also shared these simple tips when it comes to saving energy and money on your bills.  

Be aware of how much energy you’re using: 

  • Although it may cause anxiety seeing how much you’re spending, plug in your smart meter so you don’t receive any unexpected bills! It allows you to keep track of your spending and usage 

  • Try and provide your supplier with regular meter readings so you don’t get a surprise bill at the end of the month for going over your usage 

  • The government have introduced a £66 deduction every month from your utility bills, this should be automatically deducted, but it doesn’t hurt to double check it has actually been taken off, especially if your bills seem higher than normal 

  • If you get an unexpected bill or are struggling to pay, our Student Support Fund can help. We’ve had over 1500 applications this academic year with support averaging £600 

How to heat your home effectively:

  • Invest in curtains, heat escapes through windows so having thick curtains will keep the heat in more 

  • Make use of timers! Instead of coming home and putting the heating on maximum, set a timer for half an hour before for a lower heat, that way you will instantly feel the benefit of your heating when you get in from the cold and you won’t be using as much energy 

  • Don’t block your radiators. If your radiator is being covered by a bed or a couch, the heat will be blocked, and the room will remain cold.  


For more tips and advice when it comes to saving money on energy, come along to our next Money Advice Team’s drop-in Energy Clinic on Wednesday 1 March, 2-4pm in the Student Life Building.  


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