Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week (15 – 21 May) is a national event that sees the public taking action to improve the lives of those affected by dementia, a term used to describe a range of progressive neurological disorders.

Recent research shows that the biggest barrier to people seeking a diagnosis was thinking memory loss is a normal sign of ageing. Becoming forgetful doesn't always mean you have dementia, there can be many causes of memory loss, but it's always better to know. If you or a loved one are experiencing memory loss, visit the Alzheimer’s Society website to download a checklist and for advice that will help you understand if the symptoms are related to dementia.

For anything related to dementia concerns call the dementia support helpline on 0333 150 3456 to talk to someone.

Senior Lecturer Dean McShane (School of Nursing and Allied Health) will be delivering a ‘Dementia Friends’ session at the Palm House on Monday 15 May at 2.30pm. This session will build awareness of dementia and help identify how you can support those living with dementia and/or their caregivers. Book your place here.

LJMU has been involved in the world of dementia care for many years, including research and projects, and as an active member of the Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance. We will shortly be scheduling a series of support sessions and activities which will be available on the staff events page.

To support our aspirations of becoming a ‘Dementia Friendly’ university, and build on the fantastic work done in the past by our staff and students, if you are interested in joining a working group we would like to hear from you. Please contact Liz Cousins to get involved.


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