Change to process for visiting lecturers

LJMU is introducing a new and more efficient process for appointing visiting lecturers.

The new approach developed by our Finance department will see visiting lecturers set up on our system in the same way as other suppliers. This will make the process simpler for colleagues and will reduce inefficiencies and any lag in payments, while ensuring GDPR and VAT compliance.

The definition of a visiting lecturer is “a person who gives an occasional talk on a subject on which they have specialist knowledge and which is not part of the curriculum. They do not provide cover for existing staff and have full control over the content of their lecture. Each lecture is regarded as a single engagement with no expectation of further work. Individuals when attending must be presented to students as an external visiting/guest lecturer.”

The new process for appointing a visiting lecturer will take effect from 1st June 2023

If you are appointing a visiting lecturer, they should complete a shortened version of the supplier form to focus only on relevant information required to set them up as a supplier.

You can find full details of the new process, from raising the requisition to payment of invoice, through the ‘Visiting lecturer process’ tile here.


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