Add the pronunciation of your name to your email signature

LJMU to introduce name pronunciation platform for email 

NameCoach software has been integrated with LJMU systems to help users add audio name pronunciations at the bottom of email signatures.

All staff and students will be able to add the pronunciation of their own name to the bottom of their emails, as well as click on others' recordings to hear how to pronounce their name.

The software’s aim is to take away the potential ‘awkwardness’ or ‘fear’ of getting the pronunciation of someone’s name wrong and is a tool for greater allyship.

The introduction of NameCoach is part of the Diversity and Inclusion Team’s ‘Getting it Right’ campaign, which encourages conversations about inclusive behaviours providing students and staff with practical tools to do so.

How to add your NameCoach recording to your signature

You can access more information about how to add NameCoach to Outlook emails here.

Who is NameCoach open to?

NameCoach is for all staff and students. Externals will also be able to click on your NameCoach recording in your email signature and hear the recording for your name. NameCoach is not available to externals to use for themselves as it’s linked to internal LJMU systems.  

Why does NameCoach help create a more inclusive environment?

Moni Akinsanya, Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion explained:

“NameCoach is a fantastic tool to promote inclusivity in the digital space. This project has come from our students, who were having a differential experience in the classroom and at graduation with their names being mispronounced. We encourage you to practice names you may be unfamiliar with to ensure you are ‘Getting it Right’. This has the power to make everyone feel seen.

“Mispronouncing names can go as far as taking on other meanings in that person’s language. We know some students and some staff shorten their own names for simplicity, and that is a personal choice. We encourage colleagues and students not to shorten others’ names as that is a choice made on their behalf. This sends the message that some names are ‘too difficult’ to pronounce, and while we may be less familiar with some, names are extremely personal.”

NameCoach is an external provider that facilitates the creation of name / pronoun recordings on Canvas and Outlook for over 700 institutions worldwide. The project aims to create a more inclusive digital environment by normalising phonetic pronunciations of names and the use of pronouns across the board.

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