Your LJMU, Your Voice: staff survey findings

The results of the Your LJMU, Your Voice staff survey reveal that employees consider LJMU to be a good place to work but there are clear areas for improvement.

More than 1,400 staff – over 53% of our workforce – took part in the survey in May to help the university learn more about the experience of working here.

At 76%, the high level of LJMU staff engagement with the values of the organisation is above the benchmark for higher education.

Completion of the survey was incentivised with a free hot drink from LJMU’s Core Café outlets and a tree planting pledge: LJMU is working with the Eden Project to plant more than 1,400 trees thanks to colleagues taking the time to answer the questions.

Key findings

The key finding of the survey is that LJMU is creating a good employee experience. The highest scoring statements in the survey were:

  • I have good relationships with the colleagues I work with
  • I care about the future of LJMU
  • I understand how my role contributes to a positive student experience
  • I know how my work contributes to the success of the university
  • I have a clean and safe work environment available to me at LJMU

Your answers also provide the university with a clear set of areas for improvement.

The lowest scoring statements in the survey were:

  • There is good cooperation between different parts of the university
  • Perspectives like mine are included in the decision-making at LJMU
  • The Executive Leadership Team is open and honest in their communications with staff
  • I am satisfied with the opportunities available for me to progress in my career within the university
  • I believe the university will take action as a result of this survey

Next steps

The next step in the process is for results at a local level to be shared with teams across LJMU. Your school or department will receive the breakdown of results for your area before the end of July and managers will cascade and discuss those findings with you.

ELT is committed to acting upon the findings of the survey and, as such, all areas of the university must put in place focus groups and localised action plans before the end of October.

The staff survey will take place on an annual basis and progress against local and university-wide targets will be monitored.

Tina Purkis, Executive Director of Human Resources, said: “Firstly, I would like to thank every member of staff who completed the survey. We appreciate there are a lot of demands on everyone’s time but taking a few moments to consider these questions and share your thoughts is invaluable to us.

“We are pleased that the overall experience of our staff at LJMU is a positive one and it is important that we build on the strengths that you have identified.

“It is so important that we also hear about the areas where you think we are not performing as well and need to do better. As a leadership team, we are absolutely committed to taking your comments on board and taking the necessary steps to improve. That is why we are keen to discuss the findings in more detail at a local level and put action plans in place to ensure your experience at LJMU is a positive one.

“Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to making LJMU a great place to work and a university that delivers an outstanding student experience.”


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