Liverpool School of Art and Design MA students' work celebrated in exhibition

Liverpool School of Art and Design present Sync/Disconnected - a diverse and eclectic collective master’s degree exhibition connecting together different creative disciplines in ‘sync’, opening Friday 18 August with a public preview from 6pm to 8pm in the John Lennon Art & Design Building.

This multi-disciplinary and multi-media presentation acts as the end of year show for graduating students from the suite of MA programmes at Liverpool School of Art and Design; a creative culmination of their postgraduate studies.

Featuring work from MA Art in Science, MA Fine Art and MA Graphic Design and Illustration, the exhibition has been organised and curated collaboratively between the participating students. Developing existing, and creating new, connections between the peer group it looks forward to new potentialities and possibilities for their research and practice once disconnected from the university upon graduation.

Gary Lester’s MA Art in Science practice-led research develops from his experiences as a mathematics tutor and challenges the siloing of the disciplines of art, education, mathematics and physics. His INSTANTIATION project comprises four works that engage audiences with complex mathematical concepts including Tria Corpora Motu, which represents the ‘Three Body Problem’.

Swirl of white light on a black background

MA Art in Science student, Libby Robinson, is showing the outcomes of her research project, ‘Underwater Snoezelen’ - a sensory room containing co-designed sensory objects. The objects have been developed over 6 months with neurodivergent children from Crosby High School in a bid to assess the effectiveness of co-design approaches when creating multi-sensory environments or ‘Snoezelens’ in complex needs schools.

An orange and blue fake octopus

MA Fine Art student, James Hurdwell's practice is diverse in its scope and questions the inter-relational spaces between the artist, artwork, audience and context. His process examines the parameters of visual language and we are invited to take part.

A wooden birdbox

Elena Platt’s MA Fine Art project questions how might the internal world exchange with the external? The known lets in the unknown. Familiarity collides with chance. Routine is interjected by spontaneity. Elena mediates between opposing fields to feed the flow of her daily drawing practice as she captures live fragments of her immediate environment. She evolves an authentic inner voice amongst group settings, eventually channelling her own visual narrative and social commentary.

A black and white sketch

MA Graphic Design and Illustration student, Carly Childs, exhibits a Toile de Jouy style fabric based on Liverpool Street culture. The design features many of the popular landmarks of the city as well as the day to day activities of some of the residents.

Rolls of printed fabrics

Salma Hafez’s MA Graphic Design and Illustration Major Project has produced an interactive animated AR illustration based on the practice of Khayamia - the traditional Egyptian craft of making tents from panels that feature distinctive design motifs and patterns made using hand stitching, vivid colour and appliqué techniques. 

A series of photographs

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Cat Blain
  • Kieran Brimm
  • Carly Childs
  • Aisling Davis
  • Elen Dixon
  • Carys Kilduff
  • Salma Hafez
  • James Hurdwell
  • Gary Lester
  • Helen Lydon
  • Reece Marais
  • Oak McLaughlin Barnett
  • Harriet Morley
  • Elena Platt
  • Libby Robinson
  • Holly Ryan
  • Megan Sanders
  • Niamh Smith
  • Clare Stott
  • Cylene Yang

The exhibition runs until 1 September 2023, 10am to 5pm, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays at the John Lennon Art and Design Building.

Works will be added to the Liverpool School of Art and Design degree show website once the exhibition closes, with a subsequent online degree show launch event scheduled for November 2023.


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