LJMU Staff Networks move to Teams

LJMU Staff Networks move to website and Teams

From this month the Diversity and Inclusion Team has moved the admission process to join a staff network over to the LJMU website and Microsoft Teams, making it even easier to join one of LJMU’s staff networks.

What Staff Networks can I join?

  • Ethnically Diverse Staff Network
  • Staff Disability Network
  • LJMU Together LGBTQI+ Staff Network
  • Women Academics Network
  • Women Professors Network
  • Women in Professional Services Network

How do I join a network?

LJMU Staff who wish to join a network can do so by selecting the ‘Get Involved’ button on the individual network page, on the Diversity and Inclusion web page under Networks, Committees and Champions. You’ll then be added to the Team’s staff network site.

By moving the Staff Networks from the mailing lists to Teams, it will allow:

  • You to receive invites in advance that will show up automatically in your calendar, on Teams and on Outlook
  • You to share best practice with members and stay in touch outside of the network’s meetings
  • You to have greater visibility of upcoming Diversity and Inclusion events, workshops, and trainings specific to the networks
  • You to access to network files and work on documents simultaneously

Further support

The Diversity and Inclusion Team will keep supporting the Staff Networks as before. This may be in the form of helping arrange for external speakers or workshops, with the move to teams allowing for greater staff attendance, collaboration, and engagement, by simplify the process for colleagues to join.

Each network page also references the Respect Always principles and an agreement to respect the confidentiality of the group.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch: equality@ljmu.ac.uk


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