Enhancing the student experience through improved assessment and feedback guidance

Colleagues across the university are working together to improve our assessment and feedback practices to not only enhance student learning and achievement, but to also further staff development.

The Assessment and Feedback Guidance Project, brings together academic experts with colleagues from the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) and Academic Registry, to provide a comprehensive framework for ensuring that assessment practices are consistent, transparent and aligned with learning outcomes.

In their latest annual review, the project team has updated the Assessment and Feedback Policy introducing key changes aimed at improving consistency and effectiveness. Associated guidance has also been curated and brought together on an assessment and feedback guidance mini site to support all staff involved in assessment and feedback processes.

By engaging with the new guidance, academics at LJMU can access best practices, case studies and expert advice, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ultimately enhancing student learning and achievement. 

The project group intend on hosting several assessment and feedback development sessions throughout the new academic year that will bring some of the guidance documentation to life and help to share best practice across schools and faculties. 

Phil Carey, Director of the Teaching and Learning Academy, emphasised the importance of collaboration in driving positive change: “Working together is key to transforming assessment and feedback practices. By pooling our expertise and insights, we can create meaningful guidance that supports our academic community in achieving their goals.” 

One of the key focuses of the project is to support programme teams in reviewing their assessment and feedback strategies.

Ian Sadler, Subject Head in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences and a member of the project team, highlighted the significance of this aspect: “Assessment and feedback is one of the main influences upon learning and programme teams play a vital role in shaping this experience for students. Therefore, dedicating time to reviewing assessment and feedback strategies on modules and across programmes, to ensure alignment with learning outcomes and how best to support our students, is vital. The assessment and feedback guidance aims to be a valuable resource for this process.”

The successful completion of this year's review would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of the following individuals: 

  • Ian Sadler
  • Charlie Smith
  • Denise Lee
  • Sian Dunne
  • Peter Wolstencroft
  • Nicola Koyama
  • Elizabeth Whitfield
  • Philip Carey
  • Jim Turner


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