Four LJMU students share their Discovery Internships

Would you like to gain valuable real-world experience while pursuing your degree at LJMU? Applications for Discovery Internships are now open for level 5 and 6 students to take part in  105-hour, paid internships with local organizations that will run concurrently with your studies. 

Students Muhammad, Becky, Charlotte, and Justin all took part in the Discovery Internship programme last year. Here they share their experience:  

Muhammad - Eco-Storage Research Intern at Enturi Solutions (Mechanical Engineering)

It has been a transformative experience for Muhammad to take part in the Discovery Internship. As an Eco-Storage Research Intern at Enturi Solutions, he's been exposed to the dynamic world of engineering. When asked about the best part of his internship, Muhammad said, "My CEO and CTO have been excellent professional role models for me to work with, and I've been able to form a positive relationship with them because they treat me more like a friend."  

As part of the internship, Muhammad says he was able to balance his university studies and social life while gaining valuable field-specific experience. He emphasises, "It works great with timing, still having uni and social media time on the side. It's also great to earn experience in the field I want to work towards to appear on my CV."  

Becky - Digital Marketing Intern at JGP Consultancy Services (Marketing)  

It has been a creative journey for Becky as a Digital Marketing Intern at JGP Consultancy Services. A lecturer introduced her to the internship opportunity, and the part-time nature of the program fit perfectly with her university schedule. Becky shared, "Getting creative with the support to push me further has been exciting and getting to know the team."  

For students like Becky who want to combine academic learning with practical experience, the Discovery Internship program offers a unique opportunity.  

Charlotte - Research Assistant at The Pillow with a Hole (Psychology)  

Charlotte's internship experience at The Pillow with a Hole demonstrates the program's potential to make students more competitive in their careers. She explained, "Even though the field I want to enter is very competitive, I need research experience to be considered for my Masters course. It is also challenging to find this experience without a Masters already. Having this opportunity at university was perfect."  

Charlotte's favourite part of the internship? "Applying learning skills to real-life research and being part of its development." She strongly advises others to apply, stating, "It gives you an insight into the role, so you can decide if it's the job you want. Your CV and portfolio will benefit from it either way."  

Justin - Administrative Assistant Intern at Homesure Property UK (International Business)  

The LJMU Discovery Internship program through Unitemps provided financial support and invaluable mentorship for Justin. He sought internships during his degree program to enhance his skillset and financial stability. As Justin reflects on the experience, "I have met amazing people who have helped me understand what I want from my future and guided me towards the right career. It had a life-changing impact on me."  

As Justin advises fellow students, "These internships are designed to work alongside your degree while helping you financially so that you can build on your CV, personal/industry skills, confidence, and network so that you stand out once you graduate."  

Apply now  

If you are a level 5 or 6 student looking for an internship that offers mentorship opportunities, and the opportunity to gain real-world experience while still learning academically, then an LJMU Discovery Internship could be for you.  

Applicants have until midnight on Friday, October 6, 2023, to submit their applications. You can find out more about Discovery Internships and apply here: 


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