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LJMU Connect has launched the LJMU Mentoring Group to enable students, staff and alumni to develop meaningful mentoring connections within our LJMU community. 

The group will connect staff, students and alumni to enable exchange of knowledge, develop skills and expand networks. 

Why join the mentoring program?

Whether you're seeking guidance to navigate academia, exploring career paths, or eager to share your expertise, the program offers mentorship opportunities to align with different individual goals. You can sign up to be a mentor or a mentee on the programme.  

The mentoring group sits within LJMU Connect, LJMU’s alumni platform which has currently over 15,000 registered users and allows alumni, staff and students to connect, give back or expand their professional network. 

To join the mentoring programme you must first sign up for LJMU connect then opt in to the LJMU Mentoring Program. Those already on the platform just need to update their LJMU connect settings to be open to mentoring. 

Join the mentoring program


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