Eight students compete in Archon University Fitness League

LJMU student takes first place in 'STRONG' category

Eight LJMU students took part in an Archon Fittest Universities Event in Birmingham earlier this month, with student Jordan McCarthy placing first across the leaderboard in the STRONG category. 

The event at the Gymshark Lifting Club saw eight students, including LJMU Archon Ambassador Lydia Miles, Ellen Johnston, Cameron Stewart, Eli Davies, Oliver Ward, Ahmer Ansari, Jordan McCarthy and Joao Algulhari, have the chance to compete in two different competition heats, STRONG and ENGINE: 

  • STRONG is a strength-based performance, focusing on compound movements which includes a 5 rep max squat, 3 rep max deadlift, 1 rep max bench press and 5 rep push press (EMOM).  

  • ENGINE is an endurance-based performance which included a 2k Ski, 1.5 mile run, 30/30 row and a bodyweight workout. 

LJMU staff member from LJMU Sport, Ben Conacher also competed and placed third on the leaderboard for the ENGINE heat. 

The Archon Fittest Universities competition is a free fitness event that welcomes students, staff members, and community gym members to take part in a fitness event. The ‘Fittest competitors’ compete on a level playing field by building their very own fitness rating based on metrics of height, weight, age, and sex assigned at birth. Infusing the varsity essence of university sport into fitness. 

Lydia Miles, LJMU Archon Ambassador, said: “It was an incredible event which brought together a really lovely group of students. I think it's so important to give fitness a platform for the opportunity to grow such a positive community who encourage and push each other to do their best. Sport always appeared quite intimidating as I grew up, with the fear of not being the best holding me back, however the entire Archon event felt really inclusive and judgement-free so I think it'll be a huge success in the future.” 

Ellen Johnston, a first year LJMU student, said: “From start to finish, there was a brilliant atmosphere and real sense of community. It was clear to see everyone just wanted each other to do well.”  

Find out more about Archon events or joining the LJMU Fitness Squad 

Following the success of competing in the Archon event, LJMU Sport plans to bring together a ‘fitness squad’ to compete in future university events. For further information about the fitness league or competing, contact the LJMU Sport and Physical Activity Department.


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