From bean to cup: students visit 92 Degrees Coffee

92 Degrees Coffee

Having seen 92 Degrees Coffee shop on Hope Street during my walks to and from university, I was delighted to hear that my fellow BA Business Management students and I were being treated to a behind-the-scenes look into the business. Specifically, how the thought process behind making a good cup of coffee can be turned into a business success.

Co-founder and Managing Director of the independent business, Jack Brewitt shared with us the history behind his business, including how the coffee company grew from one café to four, as well as his vision for its future. It was particularly interesting to see his passion for coffee and the value he placed on being socially responsible, from working with companies that advocate good business practices (e.g. ensuring farmworkers are paid well and have a fair work-life balance) to introducing avocado straws to help tackle the single-use plastic crisis. I was really impressed to also learn that 92 Degrees even roast and distribute their own coffee, and we were able to see this process from raw beans to cup being carried out.

I found the overall experience of our trip to 92 Degrees truly insightful. It was great of Jack to share his valuable knowledge and tell us about the different business challenges he has faced, as well as the tough choices he’s had to make over the years to make his business a real success. I believe it’s both inspiring and important for us students to hear these stories first-hand as we embark on our own career paths. Experience is what many students tend to lack these days, so having Jack share his journey with us first-hand and offer us advice was both insightful and rewarding.

As a student in the final year of my Business Management degree programme, I’m excited to take on what I’ve learned from Jack and utilise his advice in my studies going forward. The opportunities to meet local entrepreneurs that LJMU provides us with are really valuable, as they give a real sense of where your degree could lead to and do a lot to inspire you.

Paige is completing the final year of her BA Business Management and is a student representative on the programme. She is also a student member of the Institute of Directors and is currently studying for an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 award. The visit is part of the ‘Meet the Entrepreneurs’ series of business talks. 


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