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Prof Brian Maidment

Humanities and Social Science

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies


1973, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, .Ph.D.
1970, University of Wales, United Kingdom, M.A.
1968, University of Wales, United Kingdom, B.A.

Academic appointments

Professor of the History of Print, English, Liverpool John Moores University, 2012 - present


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Internet publication

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Books (edited)

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1992. The Poorhouse Fugitives Maidment B. 9780856359705

Other invited event:

Liverpool John Moores English Research Seminar, Liverpool John Moores University, Joint presentation with Simon Rennie and Ruth Mather (Exeter University) on our joint AHRC funded project on 'Poetry and the Cotton Famine (1861-1865).. 2018

Franco-British Seminar, The Sorbonne, Paris, 'The Comic Image 1820-1840 - The Death of Caricature?'. 2018

TIGRE Research Seminar, Ecole National Superiore, Paris, Research seminar on Illustration in the 1820s and 1830s. 2017

Lecture to the Friends of the Wilson Art Gallery, Cheltenham, Chapel Art Gallery, Cheltenham, Public Lecture on Orlando Parry and Victorian caricature.. 2017

Cust Lecture, University of Nottingham, Plenary conference lecture on the comic image in Britain 1820-1840. 2017

Visiting speaker, Freiburg University, Invited to give lecture to undergraduate class and graduate seminar on Victorian periodicals.. 2016

'Masterclass' on the history of prints 1800-1850, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University, I led a three day residential class for a group of faculty members, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows drawn from both British and American universities.. 2016

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA, Gave a paper called ‘The Gallery of Comicalities – Graphic humour, the wood engraving and the development of the comic magazine 1820-1841’. 2016

Periodicals Through Glass - Working with 19th. Century Digital Periodicals, The Athenaum, London, Gave paper called 'Illustration and the Digital Periodical' to a one day conference on nineteenth century periodicals and digital approaches.. 2016

Workshop on 'The Poetry of the Cotton Famine', Chetham's Library, Manchestetr, Co-organiser with Simon Rennie (Exeter) of a workshop related to AHRC bid for a project on poetry and the cotton famine.. 2016

Lecture on 'Abel Heywood - Manchester Print Entrepreneur', Quaker Meeting House, Manchester, Invited lecture to the Manchester Victorian Society.. 2016

Research Seminar, Exeter University, Gave paper called 'Imagining the Cockney University - popular poetry and cultural change 1820-1840'. 2016

Annual conference of the European Society for Periodicals Research, Stickhom, I have been invited to give a plenary workshop on illustration and politics in the Victorian press.. 2015

One day conference in honour of David Vincent, Open University Centre, London, Invited plenary speaker in a panel on cultural history.. 2015

AHRC Consultancy Workshop - "Lost Visions", Cardiff University, Invited to test a beta site for a new collaborative AHRC funded project between the University of Cardiff and the British Library tagging over 1 million images from the BL's Flickr account. 2014

Paper at the ‘Comics and Visual Story-telling’ Seminar’, Parsons New School of Art and Design, New York, I gave a paper on the comic image in British print culture 1820-1840 to the long established and prestigious seminar set up by the graphic artist Ben Katchor.. 2014

Visiting lecturer, University of Miami, I spent four days at the University of Miami giving lectures to students, staff and the geneal public and spent some time in small group work with postgraduate students. 2014

Romantic Illustration Network, British Academy, London, Plenary lecture at the first ‘Romantic Illustration’ AHRC funded project event. .. 2014

Loyal Subversion? Caricatures from the Personal Union between Hanover and Great Britain, Wilhelm Busch Museum, Hanover, Plenary lecture at a conference on caricature, with a publication to follow.. 2013

Lecture and seminars, Freeburg University, I have been asked to Freiburg by the 'Periodicals and History' Research Centre to give an open lecture and to lead seminars with post-graduate students in the Centre.. 2012

Western Canadian Victorian Studies Research Society, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, I was invited to Victoria to give an open lecture at Victoria University and a workshop at the conference.. 2012

'Print Culture' conference for post-graduate students with invited speakers., University of Ghent, As part of by Visiting Professor at Ghent I am asked to work with post-graduate students and attend events of this kind organised to support their work. This is the third occasion in the last two years that I have given papers and participated in such events. 2012

External PGR examinations performed:

Leicester, PhD, The early journalistic career of Eliza Meteyard. 2017

Manchester Metropolitan University, PhD, Design, Media, Gender Politics: The Paratext in the Late 19th. Century Feminist Periodical. 2017

University of Bolton, PhD, Poetry, the Numinous and End of Life Care. 2015

Cardiff, PhD. 2010

Manchester, PhD. 2010

Exeter, PhD. 2009

glasgow, PhD. 2009

Keele, MPhil. 2009

manchester, PhD. 2009

Conference presentation:

Edward Lloyd's Songbooks, British Association for Victorian Studies annual conference, Lincoln, Oral presentation. 2017

‘Illustration across Borders – The Pocket Magazine and early Victorian Periodical illustration’, Crossing Borders, Freiburg, Germany, Oral presentation. 2017

The wood engraving and comic illustration in the 1830s, Woodpeckings - the Dalziel Brothers and Victorian Wood engraving, British Museum, London, Oral presentation. 2017

Orlando Parry's caricatures and Victorian music, Music and Caricature, King's College London, Oral presentation. 2017

‘Hogarth and the Popular Victorian Imagination’, Abusing Power, University of Brighton, Oral presentation. 2016

Hogarth in Nineteenth Century Popular Culture, Abusing Power, University of Brighton, Oral presentation. 2016

The Gallery of Comicalities - Graphic Humour, the wodd engraving and the development of the comic magazine 1820-1841, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Annual Conference, Kansas City, Oral presentation. 2016

The Literary Dustman Revisited, British Society for Victorian Studies Annual Conference, Cardiff, Oral presentation. 2016

Illustration and the Digital Periodical, Periodicals Through Glass, The Athenaeum, London, Oral presentation. 2016

Reading Illustration - a workshop, European Society for Periodicals Research Annual Conference, Stockholm, Other. 2015

The Spaciousness of G.A.Sala, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Annual Conference, University of Delaware, Oral presentation. 2014

Editorial boards:

Journal of European Periodicals Research, Member, Editorial Board. 2017

Journal of Illustration Studies, Member, editorial board.. 2014

Victorian Institutes Journal, Member editorial board. 2010

Victorian Periodicals Review, Member editorial board. 2010

Manchester Region History Review, Member of editorial board. 1978

Membership of professional bodies:

Vice president 2015-1016, President Elect 2016-2018, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. 2015

Member of Advisory Board, European Society for Periodicals Research. 2013

Member of Executive, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. 2011

Conference organisation:

Annual Conference of the European Society for Periodicals Research in Liverpool, July 2016, Chair of organising committee. 2015

North West Print Culture Workshop, Co-organiser. 2015

Research Sopciety for Victorian Periodicals Annual Conference, Chair of Organising Committee. 2013

European Society for Periodicals Research, Launch conference, Manchester December 2011, Member of organising committee. 2011

British Association for Victorian Studies Annual Conference, Salford 2008, Chair of Organising Committee. 2008


Curran Fellowship of $4,000 to support research for a book on the comic artist Robert Seymour., Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. 2015

Visiting Professor, Centre for Textual and Print Cultural Studies, University of Ghent. 2010

Leverhulme Fellow (one year), Leverhulme Trust. 2007

Associate Professor, Ruskin Programme, Lancaster University. 2002

Visiting Scholar, teaching annual graduate seminar., Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. 2002

Charles Cole Visiting Fellow (One month Fellowship), Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. 2001

Research Grants Awarded:

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Curran Fellowship, The Work of Robert Seymour and Print Culture in the 1830s, Grant value (£): 2,500, Duration of research project: One year. 2014


Colby Prize - my book 'Comedy, Caricature and the Social Order' was shortlisted for this prize., Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. 2014

External committees:

Executive Board, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Member. 2010

External collaboration:

University of Ghent - coolaborative supervision of Ph.D. student, Professor Sandro Jung. 2010

Other Professional Activity:

Vice President Research Society for Victorian Periodicals 2015-2016. President elect 2016-2018.