Dr Christinna Hazzard

Humanities and Social Science

Christinna is a Lecturer in International Relations and Politics.

She primarily works in the areas of postcolonial studies and world literature. Her doctoral project examined the political and cultural significance of the semi-periphery in a selection of literary works from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Turkey. Her research interests include postcolonial theory; Nordic colonialism; world politics in popular culture and world literature; anti-colonial and popular protest movements; immigration and the symbolic and political borders of Europe.

She has published research on “Nordic Noir and Postcolonial North” (2020) and “Representations of Greenland: Danish and Greenlandic Literary Perspectives” (2023) and is currently working on a monograph based on her PhD. She is also working on a joint project researching the impact and pedagogies of Arts and Humanities Foundation courses.

In 2022-23 Christinna will lead the following modules:
L3: Peace
L5: Politics and Popular Culture
L6: Non-Western Political Theories




2012, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, MA English Literature
2011, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, BA English and German Literature
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD English Literature

Academic appointments

Lecturer, International Relations and Politics, Liverpool John Moores University, 2021 - present
Associate Lecturer, English Literature, Anglia Ruskin University, 2018 - 2019
Research and Events Assistant, English, Liverpool John Moores University, 2018 - 2020


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Conference publication

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