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Dr Filippo Menozzi


Research interests in postcolonial and world literature, South Asian women's writing, critical theory, literature and imperialism.


2013, University of Kent, United Kingdom, PhD



Menozzi F. 2018. Ethics at the Border: Transmitting Migrant Experiences Winchock D, Decker J. Borderlands and Liminal Subjects: Transgressing the Limits in Philosophy and Literature Palgrave Macmillan

Menozzi F. 2016. Unlocking history: Postcolonial ethics and the critique of neoliberalism The Postcolonial World :461-475 9781315297699 >DOI

Menozzi F. 2013. Contrapuntal beauty and the betrayal of representation: Jean Genet after Shatila The Ethics of Representation in Literature, Art, and Journalism: Transnational Responses to the Siege of Beirut :135-148 9780203078211 >DOI

Journal Articles

Menozzi F. 2016. Beyond the rhetoric of belonging: Arundhati Roy and the dalit perspective Asiatic, 10 :66-80

Menozzi F. 2016. Graphics of the multitude: reading figure and text in Drawing from the City South Asian Popular Culture, 14 :7-18 >DOI

Menozzi F. 2016. Tracking down ruins: Anita Desai and the ethics of postcolonial writing Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 52 :319-330 >DOI

Menozzi F. 2015. Fanon's Letter Between Psychiatry and Anticolonial Commitment INTERVENTIONS-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POSTCOLONIAL STUDIES, 17 :360-377 >DOI >Link

Menozzi F. 2013. Invasive Species and the Territorial Machine: Shifting Interfaces between Ecology and the Postcolonial ariel: A Review of International English Literature, 44 :181-204 >DOI

Internet Publications

Menozzi F. 2015. From migrant to citizen: reimagining democracy in the European Union


Menozzi F. 2015. The art of the custodian Wasafiri, 30 :29-34 >DOI


Menozzi F. 2014. Postcolonial custodianship: Cultural and literary inheritance :1-213 >DOI

Menozzi F, Kemal B, Mushakavanhu T. 2013. Visa Stories Experiences Between Law and Migration Cambridge Scholars Pub 9781443848428

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member, MLA Modern Language Association of America

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Describe the Professional Activities: Co-organiser of project for MLA (Modern Language Association of America): Teaching Anglophone South Asian Women's Writing