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Dr Lucinda Matthews-Jones

Dr Lucinda Matthews-Jones

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Lucie’s research explores the roles of domesticity, gender and class in the British university and social settlement movement. She is currently working on a monograph provisionally entitled 'Settling: The Making of the British Settlement Movement, 1883-1920'. Her research has been published in leading journals including 'Victorian Studies', 'Journal of Victorian Culture', 'Women’s History', 'Cultural and Social History', and in the edited collection 'What is Masculinity? and A Cultural History of Home'. She also has an interest in material religion. She recently edited, with Timothy Jones (University of Melbourne), 'Material Religion in Modern Britain: The Spirit of Things'.

She is an editor of the 'Journal of Victorian Culture' and managing editor of its online supplement JVC Online ( She is co-convenor, with Dr Jamie Wood (Lincoln), of History UK. She can be found on Twitter @luciejones83.

Lucie currently teaches a third year urban history module and a second year gender history module. She also contributes to the survey module Faces of Britain. She supervises undergraduate dissertations and independent studies as well as contributing to the MRes in History. In 2018 she was awarded a VC teaching award. She is the Programme Leader for MRes in History.


2009, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, PhD


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Book review

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Internet publication

Matthews-Jones LM. Personal Blog: Lucinda Matthews-Jones

Matthews-Jones LM. Journal of Victorian Culture Online (blogger and editor)

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Success Through the Ages: Punch and the Modernist Challenge 1874 - 1906, BAVS Annual conference - Victorian Ages, Leeds Trinity, Oral presentation 27/08/2015


Vice-Chancellor Teaching Award for Recognition of Distinction, Liverpool John Moores University

Editorial boards:

Board Member and ed. of Journal of Victorian Culture Online, Board Member and ed. of Journal of Victorian Culture Online,

External committees:

History UK, History UK, Co-Convenor

Women's History Network, Women's History Network

British Assoication of Victorian Studies, (BAVS), Treasurer

Research Grants Awarded:

Liverpool John Moores University, LJMU's ECR Fellowship Scheme to work with the Centre for Home, Geffrey Museum and Queen Mary., Grant value (£): £2394