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Dr Rabea Khan

Humanities and Social Science

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

Rabea is a lecturer in International Relations.

Rabea joined Liverpool John Moores University in January 2023, having previously lectured at the University of Edinburgh. Rabea received her PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews and also holds an M.Litt. in International Security Studies from her Almer Mater. Rabea’s research interests include but are not limited to: terrorism, religion, race, gender, post- and decolonial theory, feminist theory and critical discourse analysis. She has published with Critical Studies on Terrorism and Critical Research on Religion and is currently working on her first monograph entitled the ‘The Gendered Coloniality of the Religous Terrorism Thesis’, based on her doctoral thesis with the same title.

In 2023/24, Rabea will be convening the following modules:

L6: Research Project in IRP
L6: Non-Western Political Theory
L4: International History and State Formation
L7: Critical Security Studies




2021, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom, Ph.D. in International Relations
2015, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom, M.Litt. in International Security
2014, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom, BA in International Relations and Law

Academic appointments

Lecturer in International Relations and Politics, Liverpool John Moores University, 2023 - present
Lecturer in International Relations, University of Edinburgh, 2022 - 2023

Journal article

Gani JK, Khan RM. 2024. Positionality Statements as a Function of Coloniality: Interrogating Reflexive Methodologies International Studies Quarterly, 68 DOI Publisher Url

Khan R. 2024. A Case for the Abolition of "Terrorism" and its Industry Critical Studies on Terrorism, :1-24 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Khan RM. 2023. The coloniality of the religious terrorism thesis Review of International Studies, :1-20 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Khan RM. 2021. Race, coloniality and the post 9/11 counter-discourse: Critical Terrorism Studies and the reproduction of the Islam-Terrorism discourse Critical Studies on Terrorism, 14 :498-501 DOI Publisher Url

Khan RM. 2021. Speaking “religion” through a gender code: The discursive power and gendered-racial implications of the religious label Critical Research on Religion, 10 :153-169 DOI Publisher Url Public Url


Khan RM. 2024. A Decolonial Mission for Critical Terrorism Studies Finden A, Yebra Lopez C, Ike T, Gaudino U, Oando S. Methodologies in Critical Terrorism Studies Gaps and Interdisciplinary Perspectives 9781003383963

Book review

Khan R. Religion and International Security Critical Studies on Terrorism, 12 :755-757 DOI Publisher Url

Internet publication

Khan R. Butler, gender performativity and religion Author Url

Other Professional Activity:

Interview with e-IR: 2022

Invited Talk at Al-Mahdi Institute, Birmingham: "The Gendered invention of “Religion” in colonial-modernity and its implication for global politics." Available at: 2021

Invited to “Missing voices and methodologies: Decolonization and indigenous perspectives on Challenging Eurocentricity in Critical Terrorism Studies”, sponsored by BISA and the CTS working group, "Available at: 2021