Dr Rachel Broady

Humanities and Social Science

Dr Rachel Broady is a Lecturer in Media, Culture, Communication. Her background is in professional journalism and she has written for national, regional and local newspapers, magazines and online publications. She still continues to write journalism but now focuses on analysing the industry and its practices. Her research interest is in the representations of poverty in the news media. She currently leads a campaign in the National Union of Journalists, where she is also a branch equality officer, intending to challenge the stereotypes of people experiencing poverty. This work has led to collaborations with ATD Fourth World, Oxford University, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and others. Rachel graduated with a doctorate from Liverpool John Moores University having researched the political unconscious in journalistic responses to poverty and protest during the cotton crisis.

Rachel is currently Module Leader on:
Analysing Entertainment Media
Public Communications
Media and Society
Professional Writing
Popular Journalism: Research in Practice

PhD: Poor Reporting: the political unconscious in journalistic responses to poverty and protest during the cotton crisis
MA Creative Writing
BA Journalism

Professional qualifications:
PGC Academic Practice
NCE Newspaper Reporting

Academic appointments

Lecturer in Media, Culture, Communication, Media, Culture, Communication, Liverpool John Moores University, 2019 - present
Sessional Lecturer, Media, Culture, Communication, Liverpool John Moores University, 2016 - 2019
Graduate Teaching Assistant/Postgraduate researcher, Journalism, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015 - 2018
Sessional Lecturer, Journalism, Liverpool John Moores University, 2012 - 2018
Sessional Lecturer, Writing School, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2006 - 2018

Journal article

Broady R. 2022. NUJ Reporting Poverty campaign: Introducing a trade union challenge to journalistic representations of the unemployed and the working poor Journal of Class & Culture, 1 :153-171 DOI Publisher Url

Broady R. 2020. Unearthing the political unconscious in the reporting of homelessness in Manchester International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 16 :91-99 DOI Publisher Url


Broady R. 2019. Poor Reporting: The Political Unconscious in Journalistic Responses to Poverty and Protest During the Cotton Crisis. Hodgson G, O'Brien G, McLean R. Public Url

Conference presentation:

Campaign to challenge reporting of poverty, Welfare Imaginaries 21st Century Welfare Understanding the Present: constructing rhetoric, realities and resistance over time, Liverpool, Oral presentation. 2018

Poor Reporting: Utilising Fredric Jameson’s interpretive horizons to analyse the journalistic response to poverty during the cotton crisis in Manchester 1863, Marxist Literary Group Institute for Culture and Society Marx and the Problem of Politics, Albany, New York, Oral presentation. 2018

Conference organisation:

Reporting Poverty LJMU, Co-organiser.