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Dr Sondeep Kandola

Dr Sondeep Kandola

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Conference publication

Kandola S. 2018. 'Self-Censorship and Salomé: Oscar Wilde's European Gambit', Censorship, Politics, Oppression,


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Journal article

Kandola S. 2016. Rereading Oscar Wilde's intentions for "the Importance of Doing Nothing" Nineteenth Century Prose, 43 :385-402

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Book review

Kandola S. 2016. Bram Stoker: Centenary Essays Irish Studies Review, 24 :245-249

Kandola S. 2010. Art and the Transitional Object in Vernon Lee's Supernatural Tales ENGLISH LITERATURE IN TRANSITION 1880-1920, 53 :233-237 >Link


Kandola S. 2010. Vernon Lee Northcote House Pub Ltd 9780746311769

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Fellowship, Higher Education Academy,