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Dr Stella Gaynor

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Dr Stella Marie Gaynor is a Senior Lecturer in Media, Culture and Communications . Her background is in horror studies, television, film and radio studies. She graduated with a Doctorate in Media, Culture and Communication from the University of Salford in 2018. Stella is interested in horror media - especially zombie texts and slasher texts - in television and film. Her previous research has explored the industrial conditions of television in the United States and its impact on long form horror TV drama. Stella has explored in depth highly successful television series such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Scream: The TV Series, Chucky, The Exorcist, and Ash v Evil Dead. Stella has also examined horror in contemporary digital spaces, inclduding niche streaming services like Shudder, Chiller, and the emergence of creepypasta and horror podcasting.

Stella's current long term project is focussed on Murder Media - exploring and examing representation of true crime, cults, serial murder, and dark histories across the modern media landscape. Stella is particularly interested in these media artefacts and strories when they are told by previously unheard or silenced voices. The Murder Media project will also produce a podcast, detailing the research process, interviewing fellow academics, true crime podcasters, true crime fans and criminologists.

Stella specialises in teaching television and media studies, social and digital media, and horror studies. She currently teaches on the following undergraduate and postgraduate modules:

Analysing Entertainment Media
Media and Cultural Theory
Social and Digital Media
Mediating Diversity
Theories, Concepts and Debates in Mass Communications


2018, The University of Salford, United Kingdom, PhD

Academic appointments

PhD Candidate / Associate Lecturer, Broadcast Media, University of Salford, 2015 - 2022
Associate Lecturer, Film and Media, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2011 - 2015

Journal article

Gaynor SM. 2024. “Bones are life!” true-crime podcasting, self-promotion and the vernaculars of Instagram with Cult Liter Popular Communication, 22 :1-16 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

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Books (authored)

Gaynor SM. 2022. Rethinking Horror in the New Economies of Television Palgrave Macmillan 9783030975883

Book review

Gaynor S. 2020. Book Review: Joss Whedon vs. The Horror Tradition: The Production of Genre in Buffy and Beyond Elkie Weissman , Simone Knox . Critical Studies in Television, 15 Publisher Url

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Internet publication

Gaynor S. 2019. Less talk, more action: Speeding up the zombie apocalypse in Netflix’s Black Summer. Publisher Url

Gaynor S, Shellie McMurdo , Thomas Joseph Watson , Laura Mee , Craig Ian Mann . 2019. The problem with post-horror: Horror and Quality: When the Gothic gets Gruesome in The Haunting of Hill House Publisher Url

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Conference presentation:

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Other invited event:

Fear 2000: Horror Undying - Invited Keynote, Sheffield Hallam University, Invited Keynote: There Are Certain Rules To Surviving: Legacy Horror Film Franchises as Contemporary Television Serials. 2022

Membership of professional bodies:

BAFTSS Horror Studies Special Interest Group (SIG), British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies. 2021

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Higher Education Academy. 2014