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Dr Susan Grant


My research interests lie in the social and cultural history of Russia and the Soviet Union, as well as healthcare history and history of sport. My first book examined the construction of the New Soviet Person through physical culture ideology, propaganda and practice. The project to improve the health of both the physical and social body, and to shape the New Soviet Person, was undertaken in different ways in early Soviet Russia (physical culture being just one example). In my current research I examine Soviet nurses and medical workers.

My forthcoming edited volume on Soviet healthcare in comparative and international perspective brings together experts on Russian/Soviet history, medical history and the history of nursing. By analysing professionalisation, practice, gender and crossing borders, the volume reassesses the role of Russia and the Soviet Union in the international history of healthcare. Some of these interests are pursued further in my monograph on the history of Russian/Soviet nursing, and in my new project about Soviet gerontology and aging under socialism.

I teach module options on Modern European and Soviet history, including 'Culture and Revolution in the 1920s' (IS) and 'The Soviet Experience'. I welcome students with dissertation proposals on a variety of topics in Modern European History, especially those on Russian and Soviet history, as well as healthcare history.

Academic appointments

Lecturer in Modern European History, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015 - present


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Internet publication

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Conference publication

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Engagement & Impact

Editorial boards:

Sport, Politics, and History, Member of Editorial Board

Other invited event:

History Perspectives Seminar Series, LJMU, I am co-organising (with my colleague Dr Tom Beaumont) the History Perspectives Seminar Series for the academic year 2016/17. Throughout the academic year we invite experts to share their cutting edge research with staff, graduate, and undergraduate students.

Other Professional Activity:

I have been invited to peer-review book manuscripts and journal articles.