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Prof Caroline Wilkinson

Prof Caroline Wilkinson

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Caroline took up the post of Director of the School of Art & Design in October 2014. She has a background in art and science and her research and creative work sits at the forefront of art-science fusion and includes subjects as diverse as forensic art, human anatomy, medical art, face recognition, forensic science, anthropology, 3D visualisation, digital art and craniofacial identification.

Caroline is a graduate of the University of Manchester, where she also led the Unit of Art in Medicine 2000-2005 and received a NESTA fellowship to develop a 3D computerised facial reconstruction system for use in forensic and archaeological depiction. She moved to LJMU from the University of Dundee, where she was Head of Human Identification in the award-winning Centre for Anatomy & Human Identification. Her high profile facial depiction work includes facial depictions of Robert the Bruce, Richard III, St Nicolas, J.S. Bach and Mary, Queen of Scots.

Caroline Wilkinson is Director of the Face Lab, a LJMU research group based in Liverpool Science Park. The Face Lab carries out forensic/archaeological research and consultancy work and this includes craniofacial analysis, facial depiction and forensic art. Craniofacial analysis involves the depiction and identification of unknown bodies for forensic investigation or historical figures for archaeological interpretation. Face Lab research relates to facial identification, craniofacial reconstruction, preserved bodies and facial animation. Caroline is accredited as a forensic anthropologist Level I (craniofacial specialism) by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) and is an experienced forensic practitioner.

Caroline Wilkinson has collaborated frequently with museums and the media, especially relating to craniofacial depiction of people from the past. She has worked with the National Museum of Scotland, National Museum of Ireland, Museum of London, Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, Theban Mapping Project, Moesgaard Museum and the Fraunhofer Institute. She has current research collaborations with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Chonnam National University, the University of Liverpool and the University of Glasgow.


2001, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, PhD
1998, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, MPhil

Academic appointments

Director, Liverpool School of Art & Design, School of Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University, 2014 - present
Director Face Lab, Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University, 2014 - present
Professor and Head of Identification, Centre for Anatomy & Human Identification, University of Dundee, 2005 - 2014
Unit Manager and Research Fellow, Art in Medicine, University of Manchester, 2001 - 2005

Postgraduate training

Professional Diploma in Medical Art, UK, Medical Artists Education Trust, 1994 - 1995


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Internet publication

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Book review

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Editorial/letter to the editor

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Wilkinson CM, Aitken J. Facial depiction of Richard III

Aitken J, Wilkinson CM. Mary Queen of Scots >Link

Wilkinson C. Amazing Graces Projection #3Queens Event 23-25May 2015 >Public Url

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Smith, K. A., Wilkinson, C. W., Roughley, M. A. (2018), Death Futures?, Encountering Corpses IV - ‘Post-Human Corpse, Death and Digital Technology’, No 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, Oral presentation 10/11/2018

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Research Team of the Year (awarded to Face Lab, LJMU) - Educate North Awards 2019, Educate North,

‘Heritage Project Award’ for Exercise MAGWICH, Ministry of Defence Sanctuary Awards (2018), presented to Operation Nightingale (DIO) and Face Lab (LJMU), Ministry of Defence,

‘Silver Otter Award’ for Exercise MAGWICH, Ministry of Defence Sanctuary Awards (2018), presented to Operation Nightingale (DIO) and Face Lab (LJMU), Ministry of Defence,

Liverpool John Moores University's Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for Excellence in Social and Economic Engagement (2016) - Presented to Professor Caroline Wilkinson and the Face Lab team, Liverpool John Moores University

Combined Royal Colleges Medal is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the advancement and/or application of medical photography or the wider field of medical imaging, Royal Photographic Society

Senior Award for Public Engagement, Royal Society of Edinburgh,

External collaboration:

University of Dundee, Prof Chris Rowland

External PGR examinations performed:

University of Edinburgh, PhD, Facing the past: in vivo facial soft tissue depths of a modern adult population from Germany

Media Coverage:,,, Local media coverage relating to the Face Lab 'Faces of Merseyside' exhibition that was displayed as part of the 7th International Conference on the Image: Face Value – Personification and Identity in a Post-Digital Age,,, Worldwide news coverage of the reveal of a facial depiction of Robert the Bruce - Collaboration with Professor Caroline Wilkinson, Dr Martin MacGregor, Mark Roughley and Sarah Shrimpton, BBC coverage of the release of the updated facial depiction of Merseyside's oldest skeleton know as 'Leasowe Man' - Collaborative work with Professor Caroline Wilkinson, Jessica Liu, Mark Roughley, Royal Photographic Society Journal 2016 RPS Awards Oct 2016 Volume 156, number 10,, TV appearance 8pm C4 26 March 2016 Secret Histories: Shakespeare's Tomb Craniofacial and forensic art expertise 1.47 million viewers over 7 days,,, Face Lab. Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool School of Art and Design research group launch event,,, Professor Caroline Wilkinson and Mark Roughley of the new Face Lab at Liverpool John Moores University’s School of Art and Design have created a new facial depiction of St Nicholas – the man who became known as Santa – using the latest 3D interactive technology.

Membership of professional bodies:

Fellow, Anatomical Society

Member, British Association of Forensic Anthropology

Other invited event:

Ada Lovelace Lecture, Edinburgh Napier University, This event was part of Ada Lovelace Day, a worldwide celebration of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

History of Medicine invited speaker, Royal College of Medicine, London, Depicting the Dead

Rediscovering Richard III public symposium - Yornight 2015, York Museum,

Other Professional Activity:

Public Engagement Series - Liverpool LASER. Part of the worldwide series of Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) Talks sponsored by Leonardo, the International Society for Art, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST). LASER talks are an international programme of free evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversations on art, science and technology. Liverpool LASER is one of only 36 LASER hosts operating worldwide and with every LASER being unique to its own community, Liverpool LASER hopes to bring together interested individuals to explore and cultivate the growing art/science/technology community in the North West. Liverpool LASER hosted by Professor Caroline Wilkinson, Director Liverpool School of Art and Design, and Mark Roughley, MA Art in Science programme tutor, is supported by the MA Art in Science programme. More information on the Liverpool LASER series here:

Research Grants Awarded:

British Academy Knowledge Frontiers, Migrant Disaster Victim Identification, Grant value (£): £49,994, Duration of research project: 12 months

QR APSS, Faces of Merseyside, Grant value (£): 22,000, Duration of research project: 6 months

DSTL PhD scholarship, Facial avatars and familar face recognition, Prof Chris Rowland, University of Dundee; Dr Charlie Frowd, University of Winchester, Grant value (£): 125000, Duration of research project: 4 years

AHRC, Image Gallery: The Evolution of Facial Reconstruction, Mark Roughley, Grant value (£): 4000, Duration of research project: 8 months