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Chris Jackson

Liverpool School of Art and Design

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

Graphic designer with an interest and specialism in digital media. An active practitioner, I have worked as a freelance designer and in a design partnership. My approach, both to my own work and teaching practice, is characterised by creative ideas and concepts delivered with, and informed by, a high level of technical skill and technological awareness.

I have been involved with higher education for the past 10 years, have previously working as an associate lecturer on the Graphic Design course at MMU, and am currently a senior lecturer on the Graphic Design and Illustration course at LJMU. I am a personal tutor for third year students and module leader for ‘Digital Media Craft’ which encourages investigation into how new and emerging technologies can be creatively and effectively applied in the context of contemporary graphic design and illustration.

My research interests lie in exploring how digital technologies can be used to communicate and improve accessibility to information and resources that might otherwise have remained impenetrable or misunderstood. My current activities, in conjunction with my colleague Jon Spencer, investigate the crossover and influences between publication design and print production, and digital technologies, specifically mobile and tablet. They deal with a number of areas such as design and formatting, user interaction and delivery mechanisms and address questions concerning the production, delivery, uses and value of content when encountered as a digital artefact.


Coventry University, United Kingdom, BA Hons, Graphic Design
Coventry University, United Kingdom, MA, Design and Digital Media

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design and Illustration, Liverpool John Moores University, 2012 - present
Associate Lecturer, Graphic Design, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2008 - 2011
Sessional Lecturer, Graphic Design and Illustration, Liverpool John Moores University, 2006 - 2012


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