Dr Hana Leaper

Liverpool School of Art and Design

Dr Hana Leaper was appointed to the post of John Moores Painting Prize Senior Lecturer and Development Manager in late 2017. She began to undertake research on the John Moores Painting Prize in her previous role as Paul Mellon Centre Fellow and one of the founding Editors of the prestigious born-digital journal British Art Studies at the Paul Mellon Centre, a part of Yale University. At the Centre she played an active role in the research programme, and curated the display ‘The Catalogues of the John Moores Painting Prize’ to commemorate sixty years of the competition.

Dr Leaper’s wider research interests include the Grosvenor School of linocut artists, twentieth century exhibiting histories and artists’ networks, and theories of an artistic middlebrow. She is currently working on an exhibition and catalogue of Grosvenor School linocuts with Dulwich Picture Gallery, and a touring retrospective of Sybil Andrews’ work that will begin at the Glenbow, Calgary in 2019.

Alongside Dr Sophie Hatchwell, she co-founded the Early Career Researchers in British Art Network which, supported by the PMC, staged numerous events for ECRs, including a ‘copyright briefing for researchers’ and seminars on preparing for journal and book publication.

Between 2015-2018 she was a guest lecturer on the Courtauld Institute of Art ‘Making the Modern: art and visual culture in Britain 1890-1970’ MA programme, and the Yale in London ‘Photography and the Artistic Imagination in Victorian and Edwardian Britain’ programmes.

On completion of her PhD ‘Vanessa Bell and the Significance of Form in 2014, Hana worked for the Charleston Foundation researching and cataloguing the Angelica Garnett Gift. During her post graduate studies, Hana lectured in English literature and art history at the University of Liverpool and on the art and design programme at the University of Wolverhampton.

Hana holds a BA in Art History and English Literature, and an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Leeds, and a PhD in British and European Modernist art and culture from the University of Liverpool.


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Other invited event:

Doctoral Researchers Network Summer Symposium 2019, Paul Mellon Centre, Respondent for 'Gendered Mediums' panel. 2019

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External committees:

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