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Journal article

Wilkinson CM, Mackenzie S, Smith K. 2019. Faces of Merseyside: Exploring cognitive bias through facial averages Leonardo, DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Roughley M, Smith K, Wilkinson C. Investigating new areas of art-science practice-based research with the MA Art in Science programme at Liverpool School of Art and Design Higher Education Pedagogies, DOI Public Url


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Wilkinson C, Shrimpton S, Smith K, Roughley M. 2018. Facial Depiction of "The Rider of Hemmaberg" - a 5/6th century man with a wooden leg prosthesis from the Migration Period in Carinthia, on display at the Archaeological Pilgrim Museum in Globasnitz Author Url

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Roughley MA, Smith KA, Liu CYJ, Hengelhaupt ID, Wilkinson CM. 2018. Facial depiction (3D printed replica) of a 17th Century Scottish Soldier known as SK22 for the exhibition 'Bodies of Evidence' at Palace Green Library, Durham Cathedral 09 Jun 2018 - 07 Oct 2018 Author Url Publisher Url

Wilkinson CM, Shrimpton SL, SMITH K, LIU C, Roughley MA. 2017. Facial depiction of George Lister and Elizabeth Dibb (3D printed replicas) on display at Washburn Heritage Centre Publisher Url

Wilkinson C, Shrimpton S, Roughley M, Smith K, Liu CY. Facial depiction of two Mesolithic individuals from Norway (3D printed replicas) on display at Bergen City Museum


Wilkinson C, Mackenzie S, Smith KA, Roughley MA. Faces of Merseyside - exhibition at the 7th International Conference on the Image: Face Value – Personification and Identity in a Post-Digital Age at Liverpool School of Art and Design 01 Sep 2016 - 02 Sep 2016 Author Url Publisher Url

Roughley MA, Smith K. The Perception Machine: Can we think of artworks as sensing machines? The Perception Machine is presented by LJMU’s postgraduate Art in Science programme. Led by Mark Roughley and Kathryn Smith, The Perception Machine brings together some of Liverpool's leading scientists from astrophysics to forensic anthropology, to share new perspectives on selected artworks from Tate’s Constellations galleries that offer engaging possibilities for interdisciplinary interpretation. Tate Liverpool 02 Jul 2018 - 08 Jul 2018 Author Url Publisher Url

Wilkinson C, Smith K, Roughley M, Balachandran S. Facial depictions of two ancient Egyptian Mummies - the 'Cohen' mummy and the 'Goucher' mummy - stewarded by Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, on display at Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, USA Author Url Publisher Url

Engagement & Impact


Research Team of the Year (awarded to Face Lab, LJMU) - Educate North Awards 2019, Educate North, 2019

Liverpool John Moores University's Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for Excellence in Social and Economic Engagement (2016) - Presented to Professor Caroline Wilkinson and the Face Lab team, Liverpool John Moores University. 2016

Conference presentation:

Smith, K. A., Wilkinson, C. W., Roughley, M. A. (2018), Death Futures?, Encountering Corpses IV - ‘Post-Human Corpse, Death and Digital Technology’, No 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, Oral presentation. 2018

Smith, K. A., Balachandran, S., Wilkinson, C. M., Swaney, M., Garcia, J. R., Roughley, M. A., (2018), One of Us? Navigating ‘rehumanisation’ questions in the depiction and display of ancient Egyptians from the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, Art, Materiality and Representation - Royal Anthropological Institute Conference 2018, British Museum, SOAS, Oral presentation. 2018

Smith, K. A., Roughley, M. A., Harris, S., Wilkinson, C. M., Parlmer, E., (2018), From Ta-Kesh to Ta-Kush: the affordances of digital, haptic visualisation for heritage accessibility, Extraordinary World Congress on Mummy Studies, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Oral presentation. 2018

Roughley, M. A., Smith, K. A., Wilkinson, C. M., (2018), Investigating new areas of Art/Science practice-based research with the MA Art in Science postgraduate programme at Liverpool School of Art and Design - a reflective summary, Higher Education Academy (HEA) Annual STEM Conference 2018 Creativity in Teaching, Learning and Student Engagement, Newcastle Centre for LIFE, Oral presentation. 2018

Media Coverage:,,, Local media coverage relating to the Face Lab 'Faces of Merseyside' exhibition that was displayed as part of the 7th International Conference on the Image: Face Value – Personification and Identity in a Post-Digital Age.