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Maria Castaneyra-Ruiz

Maria Castaneyra-Ruiz

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María Castañeyra Ruiz, graduated in 2008 in Art History from the University of La Laguna, continued her studies doing the Master of Management and Mediation in Heritage in Europe, at UNED, Madrid. She has worked in companies of Archaeology and Anthropology, where, in addition to carrying out archaeological works, she has participated in the study of the remains of pre-European corpses; of Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.
Soon after she started her Ph.D. on Physical Anthropology, in the Departments of Ancient History and Anthropology, and Anatomy, Pathology, and Histology of the University of La Laguna, her Doctoral Thesis was focused on the ancient aborigines of La Gomera. In July 2015, she defended her thesis, obtaining the highest grade of Outstanding with Cum Laude distinction.
She continued working in archaeology and anthropology, shortly afterward in 2017 she was granted a grant from the Dr. Manuel Morales Canarian Foundation to carry out her postdoctoral studies, in the "FaceLab of the University of Liverpool John Moores ", on the craniofacial reconstruction. Where she participated actively in the Project on The quest of the ancestral faces, realizing 50 craniofacial reconstructions of Canarian Aborigines.
Currently, she works in Face Lab for the Migrant Disaster Victim Identification (MDVI) project, funding by British Academy Knowledge Frontiers 2018.


Spanish; Castilian


2015, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain, PhD Physical Anthropology
2011, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Spain, MA Mediation and Heritage Management in Europe.
2008, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain, BA Arts History



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Research Team of the Year (awarded to Face Lab, LJMU) - Educate North Awards 2019, Educate North, 2019