Image of Dr Anthony McKenna

Dr Anthony McKenna

Liverpool Screen School

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

I have published extensively on British, American, and Chinese cinemas, focussing specifically on production, promotion, and paratexts. I am also a director of a production company, Dr Skyfish Films, which has produced two award-winning feature documentaries from Chinese filmmakers: China's van Goghs (Kiki Tianqi Yu and Yu Haibo, 2016), and The Two Lives of Li Ermao (Jia Yuchuan, 2019).

My current research concerns posthumous celebrity, and invesitgates who remains in the public memory after their death, who doesn't, and why. As a lifelong Elvis fan, much of the initial research on this project focusses on the King of Rock 'n Roll. I am currently writing two monographs about Elvis, one entitled King Creole: The Death of Rock 'n Roll in America, and the other entitled The Elvis Industry: Posthumous Celebrity, Public Memory, and Decolonisation.


2008, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, PhD
2002, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, MA


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