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John Maxwell

Liverpool Screen School

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

JP Maxwell has run a newspaper kiosk, worked for a Californian software company and studied Russian language at the University of London. Now he writes books, makes films and lectures in Creative Writing and Digital Writing at Liverpool John Moores University.

With a passion for the more scandalous aspects of history that reveal truths about modern life, Maxwell started a vlog called @outandaboutwithmaxwell across social media platforms in 2022, taking us to the ghost buildings of Liverpool to reveal their hidden, often murky stories dredged from a time when it was the richest - and the poorest - city on Earth.

July 1st 2023 saw the launch of his debut novel WATER STREET, which details Liverpool's pivotal moment in 1863 during the American Civil War and how a secret battle was won and lost on its cobbled streets.


Spanish - Latin American


2003, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, Masters

Academic appointments

Visiting Lecturer, Edge Hill University, 2015 - present
Programme Leader, SAE, 2014 - present
Visiting Lecturer, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, 2013 - present
Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing, Liverpool John Moores University, 2006 - present

Highlighted publications

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Books (authored)

Maxwell J. 2023. Water Street by JP Maxwell cover Author Url

Maxwell J. 2023. Water Street Preface BK Fiction 9781739306236 Publisher Url Public Url

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Internet publication

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Conference publication

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