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Mark Smith

Liverpool Screen School

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies


Telephone: 0151 904 6579

Mark trained at Liverpool John Moore’s University (1993-1997), and undertook further training at Hope St. Ltd (1997-1998) in Children & Young people’s theatre and Physical theatre. During this period of time he worked with some of the countries foremost theatre practitioners/companies such as Paul Hunter, Jos Houben, Andrew Dawson and Trestle Theatre amongst many notable others.

Mark teaches on numerous modules across all three levels and specialises in improvisation, devising, directing, arts administration and physical / visual theatre practices. Mark has been teaching regionally, nationally and internationally for the past eighteen years. He has taught at a variety of Institutions such as Hope University, Bradford University, LIPA, Exeter University and The Hothouse (Los Angeles).

• Level 4 Modules: Play & Spontaneity and Production practice 1
• Level 5 Modules: Making Theatre and Specialist practice
• Level 6 Modules: Advanced Theatre practice 1 & 2 and Drama dissertation

MA - Making New Theatre

• Responding to the cultural climate
• Responding to the cultural climate two


Mark has set up a new company called Wing it - Impro & Stories. (2021)
Mark has recently set up the Liverpool Improvisation Festival - the first for the region. (2023)

Mark was Artistic Director of Spike Theatre from 2008-2014 and devised or directed all of their theatre shows to date. Spike theatre was a small scale theatre Company, which toured devised work nationally and internationally for Fifteen years. He has worked for venues, festivals and companies - regionally, nationally and internationally. He has a passion for developing new work either through collaborative theatre making or with the playwright. He has worked with award winning playwright Robert Farquhar, developing ‘When I wake I want to be Famous’ and ‘Sink or Swim’.

(2005) - Jason and the Argonauts
(2005) - Backwater
(2005/06) - This Side Up (1)
(2007) - The Adventures of Robin Hood
(2007/08/09) - Gin and Tonic and Passing Trains (2)
(2008) - Alice in Wonderland
(2008/09/10) - Legless and Armless (3)
(2009) - Aesop’s World
(2009/10) - Hoof Jnr.
(2010) - Top of the World
(2010) - When I wake up I want to be famous!
(2010) - Grimm’s Tales
(2010) - The Games (4)
(2010) - Danny the Champion of the world
(2011) - The Games (5)
(2011) - Alice at the Dock
(2011) - Beasts and Beauties (6)
(2012) - The Games
(2012) - How to read minds and influence people (7)
(2012) - Pieces of Eight
(2012) - A Christmas Carol
(2013) - Sink or Swim
(2013) - I can make you a mentalist (8)
(2014) - A life in 5 scenes
(2014) - I can make you a mentalist
(2014) - The Judgement of Hakim
(2021) - Story Pot (online) - ongoing
(2021) - The Bunker
(2022) - The Fly - ongoing
(2022) - Those With Tales
(2022-ongoing) - The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare
(2023) - Talk to the Hand (puppet Improv)
(2023) - Curator Liverpool Improvisation Festival
(2023) - Producer - Nosferatu - new score by Danny Bradley

(1) Nominated for best show at Singapore arts awards 2005
(2) Voted one of the picks of 2007 by Flying Inkpot critics Singapore
Nominated for Best Show at Baltimore Visual Theatre festival 2008
(3) Shortlisted for Best comedy show at the Brighton fringe festival 2009
(4) Winner of Best comedy and Production Liverpool Daily post reader awards 2010
(5) Nominated for Best comedy, production and director Dark Chat Awards 2011
Nominated for Best show by Broadway baby and 3 Weeks 2011
(6) Voted one the picks of 2011 by The Public Reviews critics
(7) Winner of Three weeks Editors choice award 2012
Winner of Best Cabaret at the Brighton Fringe festival 2012
(8) Nominated for Best Cabaret at the Brighton Fringe festival 2013

The Games (Co-wrote with Jamie Woods, Lauren Silver, Liam Tobin and Toby Parks published in 2012)


2023, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD, Devised theatre practice
1997, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, BA (Hons) Drama


Smith M. 2023. Creating Plays Through Play: The Role of the Devising Director and the Application of Improvisation within Devised Theatre Practice Smyth G. Public Url


Smith MA. Jason and the Argonauts

Smith MA. This Side Up

Smith MA. The Adventures of Robin Hood

Smith MA. Gin and Tonic and Passing Trains

Smith MA. Alice in Wonderland

Smith M. Hoof!

Smith M. When I wake up I want to be famous!

Smith MA. The Games

Smith MA. Top of the World

Smith MA. A Christmas Carol

Smith MA, Farquar B. Sink Or Swim

Smith MA. Storytelling In Pubs (S.I.P)

Smith M. The Bunker

Smith M. Story pot

Smith M. The Fly

Smith M. Those with Tales

Smith M. The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare Publisher Url

Smith M. Talk to the Hand Author Url

Smith M. Liverpool Improvisation Festival - curator Author Url

Smith M. Rubbish Improvised Shakespeare - The Incomplete Works Author Url

Smith M. LiF 2024 Publisher Url


Winner of Three weeks Editor’s choice award - How to Read Minds and Influence People, Three weeks. 2012

Best Cabaret - How to read minds and influence people, Brighton Fringe Festival. 2012

Best Comedy and Production - The Games, Liverpool Daily Post Awards. 2010

Best Comedy Show - Legless and Armless, Brighton Fringe Festival. 2009

Best Show - This Side Up, Singapore Arts Award. 2005