Prof Simon Piasecki

Liverpool Screen School

Internet publication

Piasecki S. 2021. A Secular Pilgrim: Discussing the Efficacy of Pain and Suffering in Endurance Walking Author Url Publisher Url

Journal article

Piasecki S. 2019. A Mountain as Multiverse: Circumnavigating the Realities and Meta-Realities of a Kailas Pilgrim. Pitches J, Shearing D. Performance Research, 24 :16-23 DOI Publisher Url Public Url


Piasecki S. 2018. Are There Any Pictures in it? Creative Practice as a Serious Research Vehicle. Hilevarra K, Orley E. The Creative Critic Writing as/about Practice :213-220 Routledge. United Kingdom 9781317200130 Publisher Url

External collaboration:, Macclesfield Ukrainian Aid, Simon Piasecki. 2023