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Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison

Telephone: 0151 231 4842



Academic appointments

External Examiner, Journalism, University of Essex, 2015 - 2018
Extermal Examiner, Creative Writing, University of Essex, 2015 - 2016



Harrison S. 2020. Case Study 6: The Byline Finkelstein D. The Edinburgh History of the British and Irish Press, Volume 2: Expansion and Evolution, 1800-1900 2 :188-193 Edinburgh University Press. Edinburgh 9781474424882 Publisher Url Public Url

Journal article

Harrison S. 2016. Journalists, Numeracy and Cultural Capital Numeracy: Advancing Education in Quantitative Literacy, 9 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Harrison S. 2014. History of Numeracy Education and Training for Print Journalists in England Vacher HL, Wallace DI. Numeracy: Advancing Education in Quantitative Literacy, 7 DOI Public Url

Harrison S. 2012. Twitter: What is it good for? Using social media to foster retention and learning for journalism students Frost C, Temple M, McKay J, Allan S. Journalism Education, 1 :61-69 Publisher Url Public Url

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Counting on the news: Why data matters to an informed citizenry, World Journalism Education Congress, Auckland, New Zealand, Oral presentation. 2016

Reading Between the (By)lines, Communities of Communication II, University of Edinburgh, Oral presentation. 2015

Numeracy and Student Journalists, Statistics in Journalism Practice and Education: a cross-Atlantic comparison of best practices and approaches, University of Sheffield, Oral presentation. 2014


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Higher Education Academy. 2011