Image of Dr Cheryl Bolton

Dr Cheryl Bolton

School of Education

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

Books (authored)

English FW, Bolton CL. 2015. Bourdieu for Educators Policy and Practice SAGE Publications 9781483315959


Bolton CL. 2013. Bourdieu's Theory of Misconnaissance or Misrecognition by Educational Leaders The Handbook of Educational Theories Information Age Pub Incorporated 9781617358654

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Bolton CL, English FW. 2009. My head and my heart: Deconstructing the historical / hysterical binary that conceals and reveals emotion in educational leadership Emotional Dimensions of Educational Administration and Leadership Routledge 9781135203160

Journal article

Bolton CL, English FW. 2010. Deconstructing the logic/emotional binary in educational preparation and practice Journal of Educational Administration, 48 :561-578 DOI Publisher Url

Bolton CL, English FW. 2008. An Exploration of administrative heuristics in the United States and the United Kingdom Journal of School Leadership, 18 :96-119

Research Grants Awarded:

Home Office, An evaluation of the UK's Proceeds of Crime Centre, Daniel Silverstone; Cheryl Bolton, Emily Hughes; Ian Davidson (external); Mick Creedon (external); Chris Allen (external); Nick Ridley (external), Grant value (£): 78,000, Duration of research project: 9 months. 2019