Dr Graham Downes

School of Education

Graham Downes is the Programme Leader for Education Studies with responsibility for overseeing the Education Studies, Education and Inclusion, and Education and Early Years awards. He has a particular interest in the social and political aspects of education, as well as the role new technologies are playing in tranforming education. He spent six years working as a primary school teacher, followed by six years working as an advisory teacher for the Central Bristol EAZ. Whilst there, his remit was to develop collaborative projects between schools and local organisations with a focus on technology. The Zone had a specific affiliation with the Arts and, as a result, Graham worked on many projects in collaboration with local artists and art organisations such as The Watershed in Bristol.

His PhD thesis examined the relationship between moral discourses and social class in education contexts. He has an MSc in Education, Technology and Society. He has presented papers at The British Education Studies Association and British Educational Research Association, and at the international Conference for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. He is currently co-editing a book entitled The Sociology of Education Studies.

Journal article

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Conference presentation:

Lessons learned during lockdown- what to keep online beyond the crisis?, ALT-C, Manchester, Oral presentation. 2022