Victoria Brennan

School of Education

Victoria Brennan is a former high school science teacher and is currently studying towards her PhD student within the School of Education, Liverpool John Moores University. Victoria does research in Science education and how outreach may be used to engage learning and continuation in science. Her current project is 'Teachers' perceptions of engagement with science outreach work, especially in the context of a child's socio-economic status.


Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, BSc Primary and secondary Education with Science (with QTS)
Open University, United Kingdom, MSc Science in Society

Journal article

Brennan VK, Mallaburn A, Seton L. 2018. Teachers’ perception of chemistry outreach work, especially in the context of children’s social demography TEAN, 10 :3-14 Author Url Public Url

Conference presentation:

Teachers’ perception of physical science outreach work as a tool to increase enthusiasm and engagement particularly students from socially deprived areas, Variety in Chemistry Education and Physics Higher Education Conference, University of York, Oral presentation. 2017

Teachers’ perception of chemistry outreach work as an intervention tool which can have a lasting impact; particularly with pupils from a lower socio-economic background, 8th TEAN Conference: Thinking deeply about Teacher Education, Aston University, Birmingham, Oral presentation. 2017