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Chris Dowen

School of Justice Studies

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

I am the MoRiLE Programme lead, which is a Programme of work I lead on behalf of the National Police Chiefs Council Intelligence Portfolio Group.

I created the programme of work in 2014 to help Policing and our Partners organisations better understand and respond to the complexities of 21st Century Policing. The result has been a creation of a suite of models which are used by agencies to support their decision making.

I was awarded the CIR Risk Management Champion award in 2018 for my work on the MoRiLE programme.

My PhD Thesis is "The Management of Risk in Law Enforcement (MoRiLE) Programme: to what extent can it help Policing meet the challenges of modernity?" and aims to cover the following:

1. Critically examine risk theory and industry principles in relation to resource prioritisation by public institutions in the modern era;
2. Critically assess the current UK law enforcement operating environment and the necessity for new ways of managing risk;
3. Critically examine MoRiLE’s ambition statement, programme principles and approach; and
Critically analyse whether MoRiLE can provide new insights into risk management and deliver new solutions for identifying and managing risks.


2017, Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom, Executive Master of Arts