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Cristina Silvestri

School of Justice Studies

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

Cristina Silvestri obtained her Bachelor's Degree in "Investigation and Security Sciences" at the University of Perugia (Unipg, 2010-13), followed by a Master's Degree in "Sociology and Social Research on Homeland and External Security" in November 2015 (Unipg 2013-2015). During the academic years she attended numerous seminars, such as Criminological Dynamics of Mafia-type Organisations; Ballistic Proof; Strategies of Intelligence in Antiterrorism; Analysis of business risk. Job security; Investigative Technical Campus First level; FBI Investigation - Profiling Violent and serial offenders homicide and sex crimes investigation; Criminal Profiling; Criminal Investigation.

In 2015, she joined the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme by pursuing an overseas internship at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies - University of Portsmouth (UoP) from January and September 2016, under the mentorship of Dr Adrian James. She successfully attended and completed the Intelligence Management Unit of the MSc Crime Science, Investigation, and Intelligence. In addition, she carried out research on behalf of Dr James on covert and deceptive policing practices and their threat to human rights, together with the use of simulations to identify key performance indicators for police intelligence personnel. She participated in several meetings with police forces in England as part of this research. Moreover, she accompanied Dr James during a research visit to the Finnish Police University in Tampere, Finland.

In September 2018, she was granted a full MPhil/PhD scholarship at LJMU. During her time at Liverpool John Moores also had the opportunity to be a member of the APS Faculty Research Degree Committee (FRDC) and the University Research Degrees Committee (URDC) as a representative of postgraduate researchers (PGR) in Justices Studies.
Cristina's research merged her investigative, security and sociology background to explore complementary support for the police, based on a case study of a UK multi-agency intelligence called Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN).

In October 2022 Cristina joined the LJMU team at the Police Now Tutor/Assessor scheme.




University of Perugia – Sociology and Social Research on Homeland and External Security, Italy, Master's Degree
University of Perugia – Investigation and Security Sciences, Italy, Bachelor’s Degree


Silvestri C. 2023. British collaborative support to tackle SOC and criminal activities: A case study of the GAIN Network James A, Silverstone D. Public Url