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Jim Hollinshead

School of Justice Studies

Faculty of Arts Professional and Social Studies

Journal article

Barrett GA, Hayes A, Hollinshead J. 2019. Study Abroad and Developing Reflective Research Practice Through Blogs A Preliminary Study from the United Kingdom Journal of Criminal Justice Education, DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Hassall C, Hollinshead JM, Hull A. 2012. Temporal dynamics of aquatic communities and implications for pond conservation Biodiversity and Conservation, 21 :829-852 DOI Publisher Url

Hassall C, Hollinshead JM, Hull A. 2011. Environmental correlates of plant and invertebrate species richness in ponds Biodiversity and Conservation, 20 :3189-3222 DOI Publisher Url


Hollinshead JM. Investigating the great crested newt landscape in a pond rich environment : developing a landscape scale management perspective Public Url