Dr Christopher Faulkner

Liverpool Business School


Vinson D, Cale A, Huckle V, Faulkner C, Jones G. 2021. Investigating the value created through a selective talent and performance coach development programme Corsby C, Edwards C. Exploring Research in Sports Coaching and Pedagogy Context and Contingency 9781527576421

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Journal article

Faulkner C, Molnar G, Kohe G. 2019. "I Just Go on Wi-Fi": Imagining Worlds Through Professional Basketball Migrants' Deployment of Information and Communication Technology JOURNAL OF SPORT & SOCIAL ISSUES, 43 :195-218 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

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Vinson D, Cale A, Christian P, Huckle V, Faulkner C, Jones G. An evaluation of the ASPIRE III talent and performance coach development programme

Teaching qualification:

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and Professional Practice. 2019

Membership of professional bodies:

Fellow, Higher Education Academy (Advance HE).