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Dr Emanuela Girei

Liverpool Business School

Faculty of Business and Law

I joined Liverpool Business School as Reader in Management in April 2023. Previously, I worked at Sheffield University Management School (UK), University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland), Franklin University Switzerland (Switzerland) and at the University of Cagliari (Italy).
I hold a PhD in Development Policy and Management from the University of Manchester (UK), an MSc in Work and Industrial Relations from the University of Bologna (cum laude), and a Laurea in Work and Organisational Psychology from the University of Cagliari (cum laude).
I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Outside academia, I have a long-standing experience as a consultant, trainer and programme manager, working with stakeholders as diverse as CSOs, government officials, board members, senior executives, local government, rural communities, and schools, in various geographical locations.

Research Interests
My research agenda lies at the intersection of management, organisation studies and development studies, particularly focusing on whether and how management theory and practice can contribute to making organisations, institutions and societies more just, equitable and sustainable.
Starting from this broad interest, my research focuses predominantly (but not exclusively) on the non-profit sector in the Global South and on exploring how organisations can contribute to social justice and emancipatory transformation.
I am also interested in research on qualitative and critical research methodologies and strategies to decolonise research, teaching and practice.

PhD supervision
I have experience as PhD supervisor and as PhD External Examiner.
I am interested in supervising qualitative research in the following areas:
• Non-profit management and social justice and transformation
• Organisational change and development
• Diversity, equality and inclusion.
• Ethics and justice in management and organisations.
• Decolonising management research and practice.

Research collaboration
I welcome inquiries from organisations interested in working together on research projects around the macro-areas above.

Journal article

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Girei E, Natukunda L. 2019. Exploring Outsider/Insider Dynamics and Intersectionalities - Perspectives and Reflections From Management Researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa Mahadevan J, Primecz H, Romani L. Cases in Critical Cross-Cultural Management An Intersectional Approach to Culture Routledge 9781351121064 Publisher Url Public Url

Other Professional Activity:

Webinar 'Public Diplomacy and New Leadership of Civil Society Organisations' Organisers and Moderators: Ibrahim Natil & Emanuela Girei (Co-Convenor of the NGO in Development Study Group). Date: Thursday 29th February, 2024 12.00-14.00 (GMT). 2024

(External) Co-PhD Supervisor Thesis title: Hierarchies of power among Italian NGOs, Fiorenzo Polito. Institution: Centre on Social Movement Studies, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy. Thesis to be submitted by 15/02/2024. 2024

Invited talks Roundtable Discussant Book Presentation "Reimagining civil society collaborations in development" June 2023 , Development Studies Association Conference Discussant Roundtable. “Partnerships for sustainable development: searching for theoretical and methodological perspectives An EELISA Collaboration between Scuola Normale Superiore – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Friedrich Alexander University. 16/01/23 Speaker 'Decolonising Circular Economy', World Circular Economy Forum 2022 (Accelerator Session Just 2 C - 6/8 December 2022 Invited guest speaker for a seminar at Edinburgh Business School entitled ‘NGOs’ Everyday Micro Resistance: Whose Interests Matter? (29th January 2020) Invited speaker at “Empowering methodologies” conference, Faculty of Business & Law, Open University, 29th-30th May 2019. Invited guest speaker for a seminar at Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Alliance Manchester Business School, entitled ‘Doing management research in the Global South: epistemological and methodological reflections’, October 2018 Invited guest speaker on diversity management at the University of Cagliari (Italy), MSc in Human Resource Management and Development (2012, 2014, 2016 and 2021). Invited Keynote Speaker at Sustainability Forum (Franklin University Switzerland). Sustainability, Environmental Justice and Women’s Rights. The contribution of Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement, April 2015. 2024

Panel convenor at the Development Studies Association Conference, 6-8 July 2022, University of East Anglia (Panel title Challenges to Justice and Equity in a post- Pandemic Context: civil society responses, with I. Natil). Panel convenor at the Development Studies Association Conference, 28 June – 2 July 2021, University of East Anglia (Panel title: Learning from unprecedented times: NGOs and CSOs through the COVID-19 pandemic, with I. Natil). Panel Convenor at the International Social Innovation Research Conference, September 2020, University of Sheffield (Panel title: Reimagining social innovation though decolonisation. With S. Allen and A. Jimenez) Panel convenor at the Development Studies Association Conference, June 2020, Birmingham University University (Panel title: Exploring leadership in civil society organisations, with I. Natil). Panel convenor at the Development Studies Association Conference, 19-21 June 2019, Open University (Panel Title: Unravelling, unfolding and unsettling NGOs' work, role and methodologies, with I. Natil).. 2024

Webinar "Reimagining Civil Society Collaborations in Development" Organisers and moderators Emanuela Girei and Ibrahim Natil, co-convenors of the NGOs in Development DSA Study Group on Thursday, 14th December, 12.00 pm (GMT).. 2023

Media Coverage:

How confronting whiteness could help your organisation. LSE Business Review 2023

Confronting Witheness at work to Improve diversity efforts Academy of Management Insight 2023


LJMU VC PhD studentship Project:“Decolonising Management Knowledge and Practice: Learning From and with the Global South” With Tony Wall and Olatunde Durowoju., LJMU. 2023

External PGR Supervision - completed students:

University of Sheffield, PhD, Grassroots organisations and sustainable development in South Africa -. 2022

University of Sheffield, PhD, Partnerships, power & privilege: A critical investigation of development partnerships between UK & Nepal civil society organisations. 2021

External PGR examinations performed:

Aston University Business School, PhD, At the African Microfinance Frontline: Relational Agency and Religion in Hybrid Organisations.. 2019

University of Essex, PhD, Intergenerational Psychosocial Effects of the Nakbah: narratives of trauma and resilience. 2017

Research Grants Awarded:

EU H2020 programme, ‘JUST2CE - achieving social transformation through circular economy’, I was one Co-Is for 24 months, the PI is Mario Pansera, University of Vigo (Spain), Grant value (£): 3M, Duration of research project: 36 months.

QR GCRF (University of Sheffield), Building partnership for strengthening accountability in the Civil Service in Ghana’, Ataur Belal (University of Birmingham), Grant value (£): 12.500, Duration of research project: 9 months.

University of Sheffield, Decolonising (responsible) management education' (PI), Steve Allen, Grant value (£): 7000, Duration of research project: 2 years.